Simply Scandinavian: 4 Reasons You’ll Love the Scandi Style

Simply Scandinavian: 4 reasons you’ll love the Scandi style

Have you heard about Scandi style? It’s one of the latest design trends, first coming into prominence in late 2016. It’s characterised by clean lines, functionality, and minimalist qualities; a soft colour palette and wood grains. I love to write about upcoming and current trends and this is another great one!

Scandinavia has rolling hills and sweeping fjords. Scandinavians are known for having developed the greatest steam room ever. They have luscious blonde locks and are strikingly beautiful. And now it seems as if the Scandinavians have taken a shine to interior design, so much so that Scandi style is becoming increasingly popular. Like everything else they put their minds to, Scandis do it with simplicity, taste, elegance and practicality.

Maybe you’ll love it for the flawless lines and the subtle use of colour? Maybe you’ll love it for the way it mixes with your current homewares? Maybe you’ll love its fresh feel and simplicity? As a homeowner, you may catch the Scandi style bug. Below are four reasons to incorporate Scandi style into your home. Are you ready to switch it up and join the Scandinavian interior design craze?

Simply Scandinavian: 4 Reasons You’ll Love the Scandi Style

#1: Scandi style is easy, cheap and accessible

That’s three reasons right off the bat! What is amazing about the ways the Scandinavians renovate is the lack of intricacy. This isn’t to say that they aren’t beautiful because their homes are pretty breathtaking. However, they do it in a way which is basic, simple and functional.

Think about the colour scheme – it’s mainly whites and creams, often with a bit of steel grey or dusty pink mixed in. Because of this simple palette, anyone can paint their house in homage to the region. Even specific features are straightforward to source. Thanks to the easy and accessible nature of the trend, it’s very cheap, which are words to homeowners’ ears.

Simply Scandinavian: 4 Reasons You’ll Love the Scandi Style

#2: It really mixes well

Now, the problem that the majority of people have is the inability to pick one trend. There are dozens, from Scandinavian to minimalism and traditional. And, that’s without mentioning vintage fashions. There are bound to be elements of one style which you love and want to incorporate into the house yet can’t because nothing fits.

Being an accommodating bunch, Scandinavia has no issues mixing in with other styles and colours. In fact, the Scandi style does it perfectly, particularly with minimalism. The key is to choose a handful of items that are light and sleek so that everything whispers “Scandi”.

#3: It’s the “cool dude” of interiors

The “cool” and “fresh” looks are often prominent when you imbue a house with Scandi elements. Scandi style refers to cool the temperature of the greys, wood grains and dust pinks you’ll often find. The light colours and not-so-heavy materials that characterise Scandi style are brilliant at warding away unwanted heat rays.

Firstly, they aren’t dark, or matte so they will reflect UV light. Secondly, they don’t retain heat as they aren’t dense fabrics. Considering that spring and summer are coming to the Northern Hemisphere, this is a very welcome feature for homeowners and lovers of interior design.

Simply Scandinavian: 4 Reasons You’ll Love the Scandi Style

#4: Scandinavian interior design is timeless

The colour scheme and the use of sleek appliances and furniture with sharp lines will make your home a Scandi home. Quite simply, this is the criteria interior designers have been using for decades and it hasn’t changed much. It probably has something to do with the amount of elegance that is on show in Scandi style houses. As we have seen, timeless styles stick around for a long while so there is no need to update every single season. This is not only a money saver but a time and effort saver, too

Simply Scandinavian: 4 Reasons You’ll Love the Scandi Style
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Simply Scandinavian: 4 Reasons You’ll Love the Scandi Style
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