3 Ways to Deal With A Huge Increase In Blog Readership

3 Ways to deal with a huge increase in blog readership

What do you do when you’ve had an increase in blog readership? Blogging is much harder than people think – it takes dedication and perseverance. Most people give up after a few months, but if you’re still going and now seeing results – then good for you!

In actual fact, the first hurdle that you normally face when starting your own blog is getting people to read it, but if you’re offering good content, adhering to great SEO that raises your DA rank, and advertising yourself well, you should start to see your traffic climb steadily. But if you’ve stumbled across something amazing, you might see your readership shooting up a lot faster than you ever thought it would. If it happens – you’re potentially on your way to something big.

A huge increase in blog readership is good news (obviously), but it also brings a whole set of new challenges. Getting people to your blog in the first place is the biggest hurdle, getting them to come back again and become regular readers is the second challenge – and it’s a whole lot harder to do. When you see an increase in blog readership – it’s an opportunity to make your blog really take off, but if you don’t know how to handle it, you’ll miss out and your blog won’t gain the traction you desire; so this is a quick, 3 step guide to what you should do if you have a huge increase in blog readership. It might be sudden, who knows?

3 Ways to Deal With A Huge Increase In Blog Readership

Step #1: Improve The User Experience

There’s nothing more frustrating than going onto a website and spending ages searching through badly set out, clunky pages trying to find what you’re looking for. If there isn’t an easily visible search bar and a simple to navigate menu, readers will quickly get annoyed and leave the site.

Slow loading times are another death sentence because most users won’t wait more than a few seconds before they get frustrated and go to a different site. You need to make sure that your site is hosted properly so loading times are fast and make sure that you’re using a theme on your blog that doesn’t slow it down either. An increase in blog readership is something that comes with greater responsibility.

Step #2: Post more content

As a content strategist, I’m a big believer in great content. When people visit your site and read something they like, they might seek through your categories further, sign up to your newsletter or mailing list, or decide to come back in a few days and see whether there’s anything else on there that they might enjoy. If they find the same content that was there a couple of days ago, they’re not likely to keep coming back. Keep things fresh.

If you have gained an increase in blog readership, now that you’ve got all of those extra readers you need to keep posting regular content so they’ll come back time and time again. You probably won’t be able to write enough on your own so you’ll need to hire some freelancers and for that, you’ll need money.

The good news is that you might see a financial return from your increased readership, and if this happens, you should prioritise your team. Consider borrowing a little (with financial advice) to pay your writers for a while.  Just remember that you should borrow as little as possible and make sure that you’ll be able to pay it all back before you do. Don’t make any rash decisions, get proper advice and think about your business plan.

Step #3: Utilise email lists

One of the best ways to get readers to come back to your blog is to give them a little nudge to remind them that you’re still there every now and again. Set up a pop-up form for your email list and encourage people to sign up when they first visit your site. That way, you can send them an email every time you post something new and encourage them to become an avid reader of your site.

Seize on your increase in blog readership!

Getting people to your site is only part of the battle, if your blog is really going to take off you need to make sure that they come back. Check these 3 points and start your expansion now.

3 Ways to Deal With A Huge Increase In Blog Readership
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3 Ways to Deal With A Huge Increase In Blog Readership
It’s every blogger’s dream to see a quick increase in blog readership, but this can often pose additional problems. Here’s 3 things you must do to cope.
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