Why I Have Gained Weight & How I Am Going To Fix It

Why I have gained weight & how I am going to fix it

Yep – I have gained weight – but there is a reason, I promise! When you’ve gained weight, do you look and feel your best? Probably not. I have gained weight before, and I have even been obese. Now, I prioritise my health and wellbeing, even though it’s sometimes hard. So – right now I am trying to “get real”. I have gained weight and I am going to fix it!

I have just become a mother, and I am now trying to shift some extra kilos after giving birth 2 months ago. Why have you gained weight? Was it because of a lifestyle change, a personal incident, a medical episode, or simple inattention? Don’t beat yourself up – we all gain weight from time to time. You’re human – you are a moving physical entity, not a fixed point in the universe.

So, this is why I keep reminding myself of my new mantra, “There is no such thing as being too busy to focus on your health.” It’s an important life skill to learn how to manage and maintain your weight, your exercise and your calories.  Let’s face it – being overweight is not just uncomfortable, it’s bad for you in the long run. I have gained weight, and maybe you have too. So, let’s fix it!

Why I Have Gained Weight & How I Am Going To Fix It

Should you weigh yourself every day?

Yes, I think so. I’m a big advocate of weighing yourself every day to keep yourself accountable. Is this a good idea – or harmful? Read my post To Weigh Every Day or Not? My Love/Hate Relationship with the Scale. The scales (like it or not) give you the honest truth when you step onto them. I think they help you maintain your focus, like using a FitBit tracker or wearable fitness device.

What if you’re too time poor to meal prep? Honestly, there is a time commitment involved if you want your health to be the best that it can be. Some people like to use supplements, as they find them useful for building extra energy to run around at work and with family during the day. As well as using a supplement, it’s important to optimise both your food/calorie budget and your time budget so that you can ensure that you eat well no matter what.

Incorporate small changes to see big results

The good news is that you don’t need to make big leaps to have big changes. Working in small increments is often best, and something we can all manage. All you need to do is put several small steps into place – so forgive yourself for the times that you slip or forget to live a healthier.

I used to big a big gym goer (when I have gained weight) – but not anymore. I find that restricting my diet works best for me; but I am a big believer in incidental exercise and I try to move as much as I can. So, don’t worry if you don’t put in hours and hours at the gym, most of us just do what we can. Have you walked to work instead of taken transport? Have you taken the stairs instead of the elevator? Even these small changes can make a big difference to your health. Make sure you have the right gear as well, as this can really help to motivate you. Treat yourself to new music to work out to, new gym clothes or decent running shoes.

Track yourself and “get real”

The same goes for your food intake. You may be struggling with cutting out food groups to lose weight, and that’s probably because you need a balanced diet, not one that is missing pieces.  Check out 5:2 diet plan. Anorexic? Binge eater? Issues with food? The 5 types of people that should never fast.

To be a functioning, energetic adult, you need to live in moderation – which is why calorie counting is beneficial. You can really learn the ‘cost’ of the food that you are eating in terms of calories, simply by being mindful and using websites online to track your food intake. Just because I have gained weight doesn’t mean that I can’t be a little more honest with myself.

Snack smart – and watch your food intake

Eating little and often through the day makes for easier snacking. Keep carrots and a fruit bowl at your desk and chop up low calorie veggies like celery and cucumber. When you get peckish, the food is right there for you and you don’t have to nip to a vending machine. Here are 21 Vegan Snacks Under 100 Calories. There are so many ways to make smarter food choices – so get on board!

Yes, I have gained weight – but I’m on track to fix this!

Learning what makes your body tick and feel enormously energetic can help you to go a long way to feeling and looking healthier. Make yourself the priority and reap the rewards. Even if you have gained weight – remember to love yourself and be gentle with yourself; if you’re “too hard” on yourself, you won’t get anywhere.

Why I Have Gained Weight & How I Am Going To Fix It
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Why I Have Gained Weight & How I Am Going To Fix It
I have to admit that I have gained weight but I have a few “get real” strategies up my sleeve to fix the problem. Here’s what they are.
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Alyce Vayle | Content Strategist
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  2. Ella
    January 6, 2019

    Gaining weight should not put a toll on your life. True, it will have an effect on your body but you have all the time in the world to work it out. Thanks for the tips!

    1. January 14, 2019

      Thanks so much Ella – and good luck with everything!
      Love, Alyce

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