Poor Health Signs: 8 Clues Your Body is Giving You

Poor health signs: 8 clues your body is giving you

Have you noticed any of these poor health signs? You may think of yourself as quite a healthy person; you might explore alternative therapies, you try to eat healthily, you make time to exercise and you’re conscious of your mental wellbeing. But every now and then, we change. I have spoken before about Sneaky Symptoms of Poor Health: Are You Neglecting These Areas? Now, let’s go into extra detail.

What little things can cause poor health? Something like a change of relationship status, change in job, change of working hours or becoming a parent can affect us in ways that we do not suspect. Before you know it – you are just not feeling your best. You may have gained weight or aren’t sleeping as well, and you can’t put your finger on why, exactly. Here are 8 clues your body is giving you that you might be suffering from poor health. The good news is that your health can be fixed.

Poor Health Signs: 8 Clues Your Body is Giving You

The poor health signs to look out for

#1: Weight gain

Weight gain is something you might notice, and it can be a sign of increasing poor health. We are all human and we shift and change daily, and sometimes this can affect our weights. Entering or leaving a relationship can affect your weight as can a major life change like motherhood. If you see the kilos or pounds start to creep up or down, this could be a poor health sign.

#2: Poor sleeping patterns

When your health is suffering you might notice a change to your sleeping patterns, either by sleeping less or sleeping more. This can be a sign that your health needs attention. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, “In the short term, a lack of adequate sleep can affect judgment, mood, ability to learn and retain information, and may increase the risk of serious accidents and injury.”

#3: Feeling stressed

Many of us know that we can be ‘stress junkies’ – feeding ourselves with unnecessary thoughts that circle around in our heads, just leading to more stress. If you have noticed an increase in stressful feelings then this could be one of the clues your body is giving you that you are suffering from poor health. The good news is that stress can be helped by seeking the help of an ayurvedic doctor who can assist with wholistic remedies.

#4: Dull hair, eyes, nails

Dry eyes, itchy eyes, red eyes – they can all be indications of poor health. Nails might become flaky and cracked and hair might fall out or become dull, greasy and lifeless. These are all clues your body is giving you that you need to concentrate more on your health and get back to your optimal self. As one of the basic poor health signs we see every day – take care if you notice this.

#5: Different appetites

If you have noticed a change in appetite this can be yet another sign of poor health. Are you feeling the need to eat more or has your appetite disappeared? Loss or gain of appetite could be a sure sign that you might be just around the corner from a minor or even major health crisis – so pay attention to this health sign.

#6: Irritability

Do you find yourself snapping more at your loved ones, or becoming more ‘short’ with people and generally irritable? When we are sick, or suffering from poor health, we lose the ability to keep our cool. This can be one of the earlier signs of poor health that might otherwise go unnoticed. This is one of the poor health signs not to ignore!

#7: Headaches

According to the ABC, “[Headaches are one of] the most common neurological problem seen by GPs worldwide [and] more than half the world’s population experiences some form of headache each year.” Headaches can have many causes and many can be non-serious or benign, but some can be indications of larger health problems and poor health.

#8: Feeling unmotivated and depressed

When you start to feel like things aren’t going in your favour and that it’s getting harder to get out of bed, then this can be one of the most disturbing poor health signs. When we start to feel depressed, it can colour our whole experience and make life less happy to live.

Get healing for certain core ailments: Ayurvedic medicine explained

If you suffer from any of the above or

  • Arthritis
  • Sinusitis
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Old-age conditions

If you have poor health signs, then try something new. Ayurvedic medicine might be able to assist you. It’s is an ancient healing system; an Indian health practice thought to be more than 5000 years old. The idea is teaching people “how to live” so that sickness is reduced or eliminated.  According to Wikipedia, “Therapies are typically based on complex herbal compounds, minerals and metal substances (perhaps under the influence of early Indian alchemy or rasa shastra).”

So, you might consider seeking the help of an ayurvedic doctor who can assist with wholistic remedies. Try something new if you want to improve your health and make sure you take notice of the little things that are wrong as these can be indications of greater issues that can be addressed.

Poor Health Signs: 8 Clues Your Body is Giving You
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Poor Health Signs: 8 Clues Your Body is Giving You
How many poor health signs is your body showing you? Something as simple as weight gain, stress or poor sleep can be a sign of something more serious.
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