9 Small Details Not to Forget On Your Wedding Day

9 Small Details Not to Forget On Your Wedding Day

Sometimes it’s the small details that make all the difference. When you think of a wedding, you immediately think of the big details, like the dress, the cake and the venue. But, it’s often the small details that can be personalised that make the biggest impression on guests. You’ll want every guest to walk into your wedding knowing exactly who is getting married. It’s your day, and your wedding needs to represent you and your partner. So, here are 9 of the small details you should never forget about. Let’s look at how these small details can really add to your day.

#1: Directions and signage

9 Small Details Not to Forget On Your Wedding Day

The wedding can’t start until the bride arrives, but the wedding can’t start until the guests arrive either. The last thing you want on your wedding day is multiple phone calls from guests asking for directions because they’re unfamiliar with the venue. When you want things to run smoothly and go according to your time schedule, it’s a good idea to hand out directions to your guests beforehand. It can also be helpful to set out road signs close to the venue with arrows pointing in the right direction, to make it easier on your guests.

#2: Entrance to the wedding ceremony

Once seated, the guests will be all eyes on the bride and groom, but before you arrive, your ceremony room will be making the first impressions. If you want your guests to walk into your venue and be stunned, you’ll need to think about dressing your entrance. Perhaps you like the idea of a floral archway, or maybe a few fairy lights could make an impact during an evening ceremony. Think about what you want your guests to see before the ceremony begins. Remember, your guests will see everything at head height and above first, so you may want to go for tall centerpieces.

#3: The invitations

Your wedding invitations are often the first piece of your wedding that your guests get to see. You can tell a lot about a couple and the wedding they’re planning from the invitations they send out. For example, the bridal party colours are usually included in the invitation to give guests a clue about the colours they should avoid in their outfits. If you’re having a themed wedding, the invitations may indicate the type of theme you’re going for. Even the materials used can say a lot about your wedding. For example, a lace overlay on a wedding invitation often tells guests that the wedding is elegant and traditional. These small details can make all the difference.

#4: Table cards

9 Small Details Not to Forget On Your Wedding Day

Personalising your table cards is a brilliant way making your wedding day stand out from the crowd. Instead of using table numbers for each guest table, name the tables instead. Perhaps they’ll be places you and your partner have visited together with a short funny story underneath each one. Perhaps they’ll be your favorite books or movies, or maybe you’ll assign people their seats based on which Game of Thrones family you think they should belong to. Your guests will love it, and it’s a great way to get people talking.

#5: Guest book

The guest book is one of the small details that should be easy to implement. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll look back on the messages people have left for you once the wedding day is over. Having a guestbook to keep and cherish is an ideal way to remember the day for years to come. The best thing about a guest book is that you no longer have to go down the traditional route of having a book to sign. Why not get guests to write on a large canvas you can hang on your wall after the wedding? Or sign their messages on small wooden hearts you can have framed? There are so many different ways you can collect messages from friends and family.

#6: Themed and colour-coordinated decorations

It doesn’t matter if you’re venue is the grandest anyone has ever seen; decoration is still important. It allows you to put your own stamp on the day and recognise the wedding as your own. It could be anything, from personalised bunting hanging from the wooden beams, to your own cocktail menu at the bar. Having these little decorations placed around your venue will remind guests of why they’re there and help them to feel comfortable enough to celebrate with you.

#7: Your wedding cake table

9 Small Details Not to Forget On Your Wedding Day

The table that your cake sits on is often just as important as the cake itself, if less talked about. Firstly, the table needs to be able to take the weight of your cake, so if you have more than five tiers, discuss it with your venue. Secondly, the table needs to be as well dressed as the cake. Not only will the cake be center of attention during your wedding meal, but it’s also often a photo opportunity for couples to cut the cake. The table linen should be clean and wrinkle-free, and you can add the wow factor by placing flowers along the bottom tier or lighting some tea lights during the evening to set a romantic mood. This is one of the small details to get together early.

#8: Your wedding chairs

It’s surprising how much your chairs will contribute to your wedding décor. Plain and undressed chairs don’t do much to transform a room. However, adding chair covers or sachets to the venues chairs will immediately dress the room up. You can even add something seasonal to the back of the chairs as a tribute to the time of year you get married. There are lots of ideas for chair decoration out there.

#9: Kid’s entertainment

Another one of the small details you can think about is kid’s entertainment. Although children running around during the wedding speeches can give everyone a good laugh, it’s not really appropriate. So, planning some entertainment for them beforehand will ensure parents don’t have to work too hard to keep them well behaved. Things like colouring book activities or puzzles can keep children occupied long enough to get through the ‘boring’ parts of a wedding. If there will be lots of children in attendance, you may want to think about nominating a few sitters who can take them out of the room when needs be or organise a creche.

9 Small Details Not to Forget On Your Wedding Day

Small details will make your wedding memorable

The small details will often take up the most time and effort, but they’ll also be the things that stick in your memory. Consider these 9 important elements in your wedding planning.

9 Small Details Not to Forget On Your Wedding Day
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9 Small Details Not to Forget On Your Wedding Day
When you’re planning your wedding day make sure you pay attention to these 9 small details. Sometimes it’s the little things that count!
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  1. For our guest book I created a picture book of our engagment photos along with blank pages for people to sign. I agree it’s wonderful to look back on all the messages. We also included wood rustic table numbers, a rose petal aisle, and a hanging flower display to add a few other fun details.


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