5 Rewarding Career Changes for You to Consider

5 Rewarding career changes for you to consider

Have you been considering career changes lately? Career change statistics suggest that the average person will be making a career change approximately 5-7 times during their working life, others say it could be up to 20 times. Deciding that you want to change careers can be incredibly daunting, especially if you don’t know what you want to do instead.

The career change possibilities really are endless, so make sure you choose something that you’d really enjoy. Often the most rewarding jobs are ones that help others. Read through the career options below to get your cogs turning.

#1: Physical Therapist

5 Rewarding Career Changes for You to Consider (physical therapist)

Physical therapists plan and conduct treatments to alleviate pain and improve the mobility of a person who was disabled by a disease or injury. They will also teach their patients ways of managing their condition at home in the long term. You will need to take a health-related degree to become a physical therapist, as well as completing a physical therapy degree program, so it will take you at least three years to gain the qualifications necessary.

#2: Nurse

5 Rewarding Career Changes for You to Consider (nurse)

Nursing involves identifying and treating illnesses and injuries in hospitals and GP doctors’ surgeries, as well as performing routine checkups and tests. To become a registered nurse, you will need to complete a bachelor degree in nursing, which again will take three years. Nurses work long hours, and are prone to suffering from back and foot pain because they’re always on their feet, so you will need to ensure you invest in some good nurse’s shoes.

#3: Teacher

5 Rewarding Career Changes for You to Consider (teacher)

Teachers inspire and educate their pupils by a curriculum set by the government. Pupils can be as young as four years old and can go up to and over the age of eighteen, so you will need to decide what you wanted to teach and what age pupils you wanted to have. You will require a university or college teaching qualification of you wanted to become a teacher and will also have to undergo a criminal record check.

#4: Firefighter

5 Rewarding Career Changes for You to Consider (firefighter)

It’s quite a career change but one worth considering. Firefighters save individuals and property from fires, car crashes, and other emergency situations, as well as giving advice on fire prevention. Firefighters need to pass a series of physical, medical, and written tests, as well as having a high school diploma and driver’s license. Firefighting is an incredibly dangerous profession, so you would need to think carefully before deciding anything. You can even volunteer as a firefighter in many countries.

#5: Lawyer

5 Rewarding Career Changes for You to Consider (lawyer)

Did you always have this as a goal? Well many people DO become lawyers later in life, after working in other careers, so it is possible. Lawyers represent and defend people in a court of law, as well as offer legal advice. You will need an accredited law degree, practical legal training, supervised training at a firm, admission to the Roll of Lawyers, and a practising certificate all before you can practice as a lawyer. Think about long-term career changes you’ll enjoy.

You also have to understand that you may have to deal with criminals and learn extensive details of horrific crimes, depending on the type of law you want to practice, so you have to make sure you will be able to deal with this emotional burden.

Rewarding career changes are something to consider

No job or career is perfect, which is probably why people tend to change their career at least a few times in their lifetime. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find a career where the rewarding experiences outweigh the study and learning you might have to potentially undertake. Be bold and the right career for you could be just around the corner. When you think about it, career changes are a potential source of inspiration.

5 Rewarding Career Changes for You to Consider
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5 Rewarding Career Changes for You to Consider
Are you thinking about possible career changes? From nursing to becoming a lawyer to firefighting and many more options, here are some jobs you may not have thought about.
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