How to Recover From Failure & Climb Back On the Career Ladder

How to Recover From Failure & Climb Back On the Career Ladder

Your ability to recover from failure will ensure that you have a solid, sustainable career. Have you ever heard someone say they are fearless? Perhaps you even have a friend that loves challenges and constantly seeks to improve themselves, regardless if they fail or not. Maybe you know someone that constantly attempts new things that never “get off the ground” – and you wonder why they even bother trying.

Some people never seem to give up. They have an inner resilience to life that others don’t seem to have. In fact, resilience is on the decline. A recent study asked, “Are we raising a generation of unhappy, non-resilient adolescents?” Some experts now believe adolescents may be taking longer to develop a sense of personal identity and resilience that will help them transition to adulthood; yet recovering from failure is a true skill that we all need to cultivate.

The truth is that those that might display what looks like fearlessness are probably actually terrified on the inside. Don’t let fear (or fear of fear) hold you back from reaching for the top in your career. Learn to approach your career in a fearless way. Whether it’s a promotion you’re after or if you want to become a successful entrepreneur in the future, you need to learn to fail, you need to know what it’s like to crumble, and you need to know that fear of losing it all. Here’s how.

How to Recover From Failure & Climb Back On the Career Ladder

Understanding failure

Failure is something that everyone has to experience in their lives, no matter what we do or say, or how we act, failure is a necessary part of life. However, being afraid of failure it is natural. After all, no one wants to fail all of the time. No one wants to lose their job, no one wants to create a terrible product and no one wants to lose customers.

However, it’s important to try and push yourself to improve, and the only way to do this is through experience. If you don’t experience failure, then you don’t understand what it is that makes something bad. If all you’ve known is success, then the one time you do fail is going to hit you like a truck and you’ll be demotivated, depressed and feel absolutely awful. Learn to embrace failure and learn from it—don’t be scared of it. Failure builds up resilience and gives us confidence in our independence.

Get help when it’s needed

A man is not an island! Whether it’s assistance for ideas from more experienced business owners or employment law advice because you’re about to start a new line of products, understand when you need help.

Legal help might just be one type of assistance you’ll need when you want to climb the career ladder or improve your business, but help from your friends and family members can also count. Motivation from loved ones is more powerful than any kind of pep talk someone anonymous can give you. Knowing when to reach out is a skill to cultivate, both with the necessities of business and for advice, information and support. Tap into your current network and seek expert help when you need it.

Learn to take risks

Risk-taking is an important part of growing any business. If you don’t understand how to take risks, then you’re putting your company at risk of being stale. If you prefer a comfortable job that pays generously over a job that you’re passionate about, then will you really be satisfied in 10 years’ time?

Some people argue that all they need is a stable job, but others will say they need to work at a job they can connect with. If you don’t take risks and aim for a career that you’ve dreamed of, then can you really be satisfied with your position? Learning to manage risk (and make it your ally) is now seen as so important, that it is often included in many leadership and management courses. Learn when to take risks and when not to – and you’ll be on your way to recovering from any failure and to climbing the career ladder.

Never give up & truly recover from failure

No matter how intimidating it is to climb the career ladder, it’s important to understand these important points. Failure will always come for you, but it’s how you deal with failure that will build experience and character. Asking for help is never a sign of defeat, and taking risks is important to anyone’s growth. Be bold in your career and bolster resilience. When times are tough, get back up.

How to Recover From Failure & Climb Back On the Career Ladder
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How to Recover From Failure & Climb Back On the Career Ladder
What’s your attitude to failure? Learning to effectively recover from failure when in business is an essential skill you need to conquer. Here’s how.
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