Increase Business Productivity with a Safe & Secure Work Environment

Increase Business Productivity with a Safe & Secure Work Environment

Are you the boss of a company, aiming to increase business productivity? Some people feel that the hectic world of business is “often like a battle”. As a leader, you are charged with the mission of getting results, not just for your business, but also for your team.

It’s important to know you have a functioning business that will allow your team to flourish. An effective leader will recognise any shortfalls in his or her business and immediately take action if they feel their working environment is not as safe and secure as it could or should be.

Cultivating a work environment which bolsters productivity should be the ultimate aim for a business owner. After all, this is a form of “planting seeds” which will eventually grow to provide dividends to your bottom line. However, before you move, you must listen to your employees and see what you can do to make their lives easier, so that they can chase business and personal goals and exceed profit margins.

Increase Business Productivity with a Safe & Secure Work Environment

Productivity is physically important

One of the issues that run through every business is how to enable your employees to be the best they can be. Productivity can only occur in an environment which allows fluidity and the ability for all departments to interact which each other. Many businesses are now run (in part or exclusively) online but being able to physically go and talk to another department can often make employees more engaged on the job.

Workplace health and safety (WHS) is an extremely important issue to consider. To avoid accidents and health concerns around the workplace, a business must have proper protocols in place. When you’re working in an office or other type of environment, there should be a clear and visible safety plan in place.

Some companies can provide health and safety services which come from WHS experts. You can also get a safety management system to keep track of all incidents in your business. With this system, you can account for all the times when staff may have been endangered and spot a pattern which can then be attended to.

Implement change through praise

You’re not the only one who feels the pressure of achieving goals to stay ahead of the curve. Your employees also know that their hard work is going to keep your business and the company that they work for, ahead of your rivals. Praise and positive affirmations can be a useful tool when engaging with employees.

When you’re going to implement change in your staff, come from an angle which will foster teamwork. In meetings that discuss performance and the tasks for each department, you can critique your employees, but also make a big deal about what they have achieved.

Encourage staff to show more signs of positive activity and captivate them with recognition, as well as pointing out specific areas where they need to improve, if you need to. If you give staff members praise, employees are more likely to take your words of critique to heart and try harder to correct them. Think of the “compliment sandwich”:

  • Open with a piece of positive feedback
  • Add in an area that needs improvement
  • Round off your talk with an affirmation of confidence

Creating workers that are comfortable in the workplace starts with them being able to work in a safe and secure environment. Physical injury should be avoided at all costs, so make sure your business has expert advice and follows industry standards. Give your workers the right amount of praise, balanced with some critiques, and you’ll foster a competitive and more productive attitude within them.

Increase Business Productivity with a Safe & Secure Work Environment
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Increase Business Productivity with a Safe & Secure Work Environment
When you own your own company, focusing on business productivity is a good strategy. Here are a few ways to increase business productivity via a safe work environment.
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Alyce Vayle | Content Strategist
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