How to “Dream Big” and get the experience to land your dream job

How to “Dream Big” and get the experience to land your dream job

Are you working in your dream job? When’s the last time you allowed yourself to “dream big”? Remember when you were a teenager – the world was yours to conquer. You knew that you were destined for greatness, right? So what changed? How did you allow your passions to take a side seat?

The nine until five grind is familiar to most of us, sadly. It’s what the majority of people spend their working lives doing day in, day out – often without much thought. However, there is more to life than spending 40 hours a week (or more!) in a job that you don’t enjoy. We all have passions, we all have dreams, and yet, far too many of us never strive to achieve them. Why is that? We spend our lives stuck in the daily grind of life when we should be striving to make our dreams a reality.

Do you dream of having a life that’s so much more enriching than the life that you lead now? If the answer is yes, then that’s the first step on your journey. To learn how you can make your career aspirations a reality, take these 3 “dream big” tips into consideration.

How to “Dream Big” and get the experience to land your dream job

#1: Think about what your passions are

First things first, outline where your real passions lay. What gives your heart joy? What really makes you feel engaged and happy? The theory is that by outlining where your passions lay, you will be more motivated to make them a part of your career. This simple task should help to invoke passion, creativity, and motivation, and prevent procrastination.

The fact is that often, the most difficult part of achieving your goals is determining what they are. You may be passionate about a certain thing, but does that mean it’s where your career should lay? Not only do you need to dream big and find a way to incorporate your passions into your career, but you also need to be realistic and take the time to think things through carefully.

Rash decisions never tend to end well. Weigh up what you really like to do versus what you’re good at and identify the gaps, perhaps doing a SWOT analysis of your life. Be realistic about what you can really do, versus what you think you might be able to do – but stay true to your passions and take the plunge.

#2: Get the experience that you need

Once you have determined what your dream job would be, the next step is to get the experience that you need to land it. Obviously, this will depend on what the role is – each role comes with different expectations when it comes to skills and experience.

Imagine that you have always dreamed of working as a website designer – what skills do you already hold that will allow you to move into this field? Are you creative, artistic, or technically-minded? Have a think about what you would need to undergo in terms of the relevant training to gain the skills and knowledge you need to make web design your career.

For these sorts of courses, facilities you find online can be good to go through, as their courses incorporate every aspect of training required. You may also need to gain some first-hand experience as well, to help boost your resume further. For this, interning can be a good option. Interning can be a great way to get new skills and do on-the-job training. Even if you only spend a month at a particular work environment, you might find that makes all the difference.

#3: Network to land your dream job

The next step, after gaining the skills and experience required to land your dream role is to actually get it. Sounds obvious, right? Whether you are keen to work in one of the creative industries, in business, or in another sector, it can take time to find and land the perfect job for you. Take your time job hunting, look for that perfect position, and apply. Don’t be put off if you don’t land the first role that you apply for, keep applying – don;t give up easily – and you will land the ideal role for you when the time is right.

Remember to spend time networking and reading industry publications. Take time to connect with influencers in your industry via social media channels. Remember that all good things take time to flourish, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a while to find your dream role. Persevere and success will come.

Dream big and the sky’s the limit!

Don’t be afraid to dream big. When it comes to your career, you want to land a role that allows you to make the most of your passions and enjoy your work. After all, there is nothing worse than being stuck in a job where you are truly not living up to your potential. Take these 3 steps into consideration and begin the process of change today.

How to “Dream Big” and get the experience to land your dream job
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How to “Dream Big” and get the experience to land your dream job
Do you want to know how to Dream Big? There are 3 simple steps to take to get the experience you need to land your dream job.
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