Tips on how to Improve your Written Vocabulary: A Time to Get Sharper

Tips on how to Improve your Written Vocabulary: A Time to Get Sharper

Do you want to sharpen your vocabulary? One of the necessary tools that you will need to help you to present your ideas clearly to your readers is a developing a rich vocabulary mine. The reason is that you can be a sharp student with perfect researching skills, but without sufficient vocabulary to express your thoughts, you will be limited. That is why this post seeks to share some of the practical ideas you need to develop and enrich your vocabulary depth and level.

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Get down to the roots

Just like all other languages, English borrows heavily from other languages. The richness and vastness of the Queen’s tongue has grown by adopting other languages and for you to get a deeper grasp of it, you need to get a bit deeper and observe the root meaning of words from the languages they were borrowed from. This way, you will not just understand the words better, but also the other varying forms of those words. For instance, the English word “elevate” has its roots in the French word “eleve” which means to “lift” or “exalt.” By understanding such a root, you will get a deeper comprehension of the other forms of the same word such as “elevation and elevatedness.”

Study regularly

Another way of enriching your vocabulary is taking time on a regular basis, if not daily, to read properly written material that will enrich your understanding. By exposing yourself to quality materials, you stand higher chances of coming across new words within their context of correct application. This way, you will understand them not just from a definitive level, but also from a practical angle.

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Optimise a thesaurus

If you want to enrich your vocabulary, you should consider investing in a good thesaurus. By keeping such a tool next to you while writing, you save yourself the temptation of repeating words. The reason here is that the thesaurus will suggest for you the most appropriate cousin words that can pass on the same meaning to your audience. Additionally, it will keep you from abusing words and ensure that you use the most appropriate words in the right context.

Use the words you learn

To develop your vocabulary, you it is not enough to learn new words and leave it there. The reason is that if you just cram words, and you never apply them in proper writing, chances are high that they will “evaporate” leaving you with a limited understanding and expose you to possible abuse. Since perfect practice makes perfect, you will be setting yourself to become more proficient in the usage of the words you learn.

Subscribe to language enhancers

Another way of enhancing your vocabulary is subscribing to online or offline word-of-the-day services. These days, we have many online and offline sources including dictionaries that send their subscribers the word of the day. If you do not have enough time to keep perusing the dictionary to learn a new word, you can be receiving such words either by email or even on your mobile phone.


There you go with the practical tips you need to enhance your vocabulary so that you can excel in your academic writing assignments. With all these proven ideas at your fingertips, failing in your future assignments will be a bad choice to make. On the contrary, you need to use them to up your game to the next level of academic mastery.


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