7 Reasons Each Student Should Write

7 reasons each student should write

As students, we often look at academic writing as a tedious task. Deadlines, professor’s strict requirements together with writer’s block can turn your routine into a nightmare. How often do you write something that has nothing to do with assignments?

The sad truth is that most of students (especially those who hate writing) find this skill unnecessary. Still and all, we have a natural need to create. Writing is a perfect way to balance intuition with logic, develop better self-esteem and interpersonal skills. These 7 arguments will convince you of creative writing benefits for sure!

7 Reasons Each Student Should Write

1. Writing enhances the learning process

Information is remembered well when you summarize it in your own words. It’s a difficult task to read the chapters, memorize it, and define the key points at the same time. When you take notes, you understand the material better.

I note down every useful TED lecture I watch and the article I read. It’s the habit I developed while studying in college. It may seem a tiresome or time-consuming task. But it’s rewarding when it comes to learning and repeating the material. You don’t have to reread the same texts as you have concise notes! Besides, note-taking skills improve with practice. With time, you’ll make it faster.

Academic paper writing helps to organize knowledge and balance right brain with left brain.

2. Writing is beneficial to health

The therapeutic effect of writing about traumatic events is well-known. Studying can be very stressful. Lots of assignments and obligations exhaust even the most hard-working students. A journal is your safe place to escape from troubles, clarify and refine your thoughts and prepare your brain to work. It is obvious how valuable writing is for the learning process.

Journaling and essay writing is a good way to develop your opinion, aesthetic taste and personal identity. For college students, it’s beneficial to write, even if it’s just record of their thoughts, ideas, and goals. It can be advantageous for your personal life and a good start for your blogger’s career.

3. Writing literacy improves the professional prospects

Think that grammatical correctness doesn’t matter in the digital age of abbreviated texts and tweets? A recent Grammarly study of 100 LinkedIn profiles has shown curious results. In the 10-year period, employees who made more grammatical errors received fewer promotions than those whose accounts were more accurate.

Resumes and emails are two main pieces of writing in the business world. Grammatical errors most likely would make a future employer believe that the applicant cannot communicate on the higher level and isn’t attentive to details. Regular writing practice will help you to improve spelling and punctuation skills.

4. Writing improves your communication skills

Every student or fledgeling specialist should develop interpersonal skills to function effectively in the society. You must be able to get ideas out of your head and put them into the heads of others – in writing and speech.

Writing an argumentative essay, you pull out information from various sources, refine your arguments, and connect the dots. This activity improves the way you think, speak, analyze and converse, bringing your communication skills to a higher level. You become more appealing to future employers, peers or customers. Ability to communicate effectively in the professional environment makes you a valuable asset to the business community. As a student, you’ll be able to understand your professor’s needs and get higher grades.

5. Writing encourages creativity

When you get down to write, whether it’s something formal, personal, or fictional, you utilize your imagination promoting creativity. The more you write, the more creative you become.

In this perspective, everyday writing activity solves the problem of coming up with ideas. Creative flow makes it easier to find off the beaten path solutions to your problems, including essay writing issues. It is even more effective to write by hand instead of typing. You can see your ideas on a piece of paper and show it to the world as creative contribution. This brings you feeling you’ve accomplished the task.

6. Writing can be your source of income

If you like to write and have a knack for it, make some pocket money out of it. Try your hand at content writing, copywriting, blogging or essay writing. The freelance job is the most suitable option for full-time students. Utilize your chance to gain some experience before joining the world of work. It’s a plus to your resume.

Working as a writer may not bring you much cash at once. But it will help you to expand general knowledge, enlarge your vocabulary and find your own writing voice.

7. Writing is essential for self-understanding and self-growth

Writing is a good way to clear your mind. Journaling is a powerful tool for that. Everyone has personal thoughts, feelings and a story to tell. Daily entries help you to know who you are, discover your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Diary is your best therapist and self-mirror.

Writing on a daily basis is a rewarding habit. Find your schedule too busy to write something except for academic papers? Get used to journal at least once a week. The more you write, the better it gets. You’ll be amazed how writing can turn around your life.

About the Author: Michelle Brooks is the independent writer and editor at the educational blog. Her expertise includes psychology, freelance and lifestyle.


7 Reasons Each Student Should Write
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7 Reasons Each Student Should Write
Writing is great for your creative process & learning. Here are 7 reasons that each student should write & tips on how to incorporate writing into your life.
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