What does it Mean to Dream About a Baby (or to Dream of Having a Baby?)

Have you had a dream about a baby? My dreamer today is Carolyn from Bellevue who has shared a very interesting and intricate dream with me.

“I was in a confusing house with many floors and there were hundreds of babies of all kinds just lying around. My Guides were there with me, trying to help me find what I was looking for (but I’m not sure what that was). I couldn’t find a way out, and I felt that I would be needing help to get out. I woke up feeling very disturbed and lost.”

A Dream About a Baby Can Leave Us Feeling Very Emotional

Babies need care and love and attention. In fact, they need constant attention and cannot be left alone. Babies are demanding and can frustrate us with their constant needs and crying but they also love us – and from a psychic point of view – they represent a part of us – something we have “birthed”.

Essentially, babies can mean quite a few different things, depending on the type of dream you have. Remember that no one can truly interpret your dreams for you, only you can do that, but by focusing on a particular symbol and doing your own meditation on it – you may be able to get some helpful clues.

According to my favourite dreams source Dream Moods Dictionary, “Babies symbolise something in your own inner nature that is pure, vulnerable, helpless and uncorrupted, while forgetting about a baby represents an aspect of yourself that you have abandoned or put aside due to life’s changing circumstances.”


Baby Dreams are Quite Common – Even for Those of Us Who Are Not Mothers

The reason for this is that we all began life as a baby, so we all know what it feels like to be helpless and totally dependent on someone else – even though we may have forgotten this. Carolyn’s dream also features a “confusing house”. Houses in our dreams usually symbolise The Self – while rooms in the house can represent parts of ourselves, for example, a bedroom can symbolise your private self while a basement might symbolise your lower self or darker, hidden aspects.

“To dream of a crying baby symbolises a part of yourself that is deprived of attention and needs to be nurtured,” says Dream Moods. I suggest you meditate on this idea, Carolyn, and take a hard look at whether you have been neglecting your own basic human needs: Love, Warmth, Comfort, Growth, Security – that’s what babies need the most!

A Dream of a Baby Can Be a Sign You Need to Nurture Yourself

Carolyn, as you woke up feeling distressed and confused I think this is an important dream. I think your Inner Self is needing nurturing and attention. Here is a post on 8 Ways to Nurture Yourself but you can come up with your own ways, of course.

You seem to feel distressed at being trapped in a confusing house, surrounded by little humans that need to be nurtured. “Dreaming of rescuing a baby means that you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and accepting help from others,” is there someone you need to reach out to?

Carolyn also sent me a list of interesting dream symbols: Cribs, spiral staircases, closets drawers coloured boxes food of all kinds (mostly sweet), adults who deceive me, children crying, yellow and pink coloured cars, closed doors and no windows, money (but not mine), searching everywhere, small spaces.

There are lots of symbols of “confusion” in your dream. Often our Dream Selves emphasise the feelings we feel in waking life and make them more extreme. This could mean that you are looking for answers, Carolyn, and I think maybe you could spend some time journaling about this – what inner workings of your mind are making you feel a bit helpless and confused and how can you begin to find your way out of this problem?

Dreaming About Babies is a Positive Thing!

The good news for you, Carolyn, is that a dream of a baby is quite positive. It means your Inner Self is working hard to give you messages about your future. Babies grow into adults and small projects can grow into big projects. A dream of a baby might mean that you are set to “birth” something big – a new project, career venture, new love…or just a new sense of inner love.

Thank you for sharing this lovely dream with us, Carolyn.

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What does it Mean to Dream About a Baby (or to Dream of Having a Baby?)
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What does it Mean to Dream About a Baby (or to Dream of Having a Baby?)
Have you recently had a dream about a baby? Baby dreams can be extremely positive & may symbolise your need to do some self-nurturing.
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