Are men in their 50s still attractive? Dating men over 50

Do women still find men in their 50s attractive, or do men of a “certain age” have to struggle to compete in the dating game? The good news is that yes, women do find men in their 50s attractive still and dating men over 50 is not a barrier for them. Here’s why.

Men in their 50s are active

Fifty is not what it used to be. Men who were born after the Baby Boomers (born in the late sixties and soon to be early seventies) have pretty much always looked after their health. They usually have eaten well, are aware of nutrition, probably go the gym and may have a hobby or two. Often men in their 50s will start to pay even more attention to their health, such as fifty year old Larry Emdur, who refused to kiss me when I worked on a famous radio show.

Older men demonstrate more self assurance


By the time you have reached the 50 milestone (and age is just a number!) you will know more about yourself than you did when you were 20, 30 or 40. By the age of 50 we put up with less cr*p from people, because we know who we are and what we have to offer. The need to dominate the room with our talents and pride fades, and we feel more confident giving the spotlight to others when the time is right.

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Fifty year old men have lots to offer romantically

Let’s face it, younger men may have talents to offer in the bedroom but youth and stamina only make up a small part of sex and love. By the age of fifty, most men have learned how to please a lover, and this includes non-sexual elements of romance such as timing, care and attention to detail. Also, many men in their 50s are even more sexually driven than they were in their younger years; it’s different for everyone.

Older men have more to offer financially

Money is certainly not everything and I will put it out there and say that there is always give and take in a relationship, but it should be an even spilt that both parties agree to. Being more secure financially is a good thing as it will give you more time to connect with the people you care for. By the age of 50 you probably have some great job experience, a few dollars in the bank, hobbies and maybe a house and car. These are all assets for you to be proud of. Women and men over 50 have plenty of time to make plans fo the future.

Men in their 50s are still attractive

Yes – men at age 50 are still very attractive. Brad Pitt is over 50, so is George Clooney. Age really is just a number. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all your hair or have a little paunch. Look at James Packer! He is dating Mariah Carey and is just about to turn 50 and is certainly no oil painting*. However, he is a great example of why men over 50 have plenty to offer. I should put a disclaimer here and link to a picture of his sizable boat the Artic P.

50 year old men have made achievements in their career

You are not just your career, but everyone likes someone who achieves. By the age of 50 and beyond you have probably had a few interesting jobs and may have travelled and managed a team of people. All this life experience makes you more attractive to women of all ages. Be confident in who you are and allow your talents to shine – whatever they are! We know that men over 50 are generally quite smart.

Men in their 50s know how to listen to a woman

Younger guys tend to talk, talk, talk all about themselves. It takes discipline and caring to really listen to another person, whether you’re engaged in a romantic liaison or not. Older men tend to be better listeners than younger men as they have less to prove, are more self-assured and don’t need to dominate every conversation to show how important they are. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference!

Men over 50 – take heart!

Or if you’re a woman who is about to embark on a relationship with a man over 50, then best of luck. There is one guarantee in life – we are all getting older every single day. Make the most of every second of your life and don’t ever be defined by a number. If you’re not 50 yet check out my post Are men in their 40s still attractive? Dating men over 40 for extra info.

*post script: on the very day I wrote this there are reports of the Packer/Mariah split! Let’s hope they work it out.

Are men in their 50s still attractive? Dating men over 50
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Are men in their 50s still attractive? Dating men over 50
Men in their 50s are still attractive, desirable and wanted by women of all ages. Read these 7 reasons why dating men over 50 is great.
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