How to Cast a Spell: to Change and Improve an Aspect of The Self | Sage

How to Cast a Spell: to Change and Improve an Aspect of The Self

Ever tried to cast a spell? I have to admit it, but I used to cast spells when I was younger. I don’t do it anymore because a few of them worked and the results were not ideal. One man I wanted to fall in love with me is still in love with me but I haven’t been interested in him in years. I am married now and haven’t cast any spells on my husband but I have said a lot of prayers and I do consult my tarot deck when I need to get advice.

Casting spells is reasonably easy to do, but they will only be effective under certain circumstances. For me, I would use my intention to bring things about, as well as using symbology.

When I was younger I came to realise that I could pick up information from other sources rather than being “told” directly. Actually, I really came to the realisation that not everyone could do this, which I found surprising. So many people are “asleep” and simply block out the messages and symbols all around them.

Objects can pass on psychic information

How to Cast a Spell: to Change and Improve an Aspect of The Self | Lavender
I have used lavender to cast a spell

Almost anything can give you information you seek, if you meditate on it. For example, if you stare for hours at a tree covered in fresh dew, after a while you may start to see patterns in the dew drops, which seem to be “speaking” to you. Of course, it’s also down to time and space to process your thoughts, and to think about things deeply, something that we have less and less time to do now because of the prevalence of technology in our lives.

Casting spells using symbolic objects

How to Cast a Spell: to Change and Improve an Aspect of The Self | Candles
Setting up a spiritual space assists your practice

When I cast spells, I would use symbolic objects and objects that I found for that purpose, as well as items that represented people in my spells, for example, a strand of hair and a petal of a rose from a man I loved, that he had given me on the first date.

I would also use common items like fire (candles), herbs (such as sage or lavender) and water, or whatever made symbolic sense. I remember being aged 11 and making a talisman when I heard on the news that a big storm was coming. This talisman was a piece of yellow cardboard, cut into a triangle, with a magical phrase I had come up with, written in an unusual, codified way. I wore this talisman around my neck like a giant dickhead and my sister and neighbour thought I was nuts. Needless to say, we all survived the storm! I have also thought about whether spells are ethical, as I have gotten older. Is it a spiritual mistake to cast spells?

Witchcraft TV shows in the 90s

When I was a teenager there were tons of movies and TV shows about witches and spell casting. However, I was already really into that stuff and I thought these shows were pretty pale in comparison. This was before Harry Potter, which I also think is pretty lame. The real stuff is so much more interesting.

I tried to read the Key of Solomon, I delved into occultism and Ouija boards. I read every “real” occult story I could get my hands on and came across stories of mediumship, telepathy, genuine clairvoyance – the crappy TV shows made everything look like a joke, but I knew that so many people on planet Earth can really feel and see magical things.

They really can. And you could to, if you really tried.

That’s right. Every one of us has the potential to expand our perception of the everyday things they can see, touch and hear. There is more to the world than meets the eye, and of course you already know this. So much of what we can understand cannot be explained or validated, concepts like love, or knowing when you’ll sneeze next. Interestingly, there are still so many topics we can’t explain, like why humans yawn or how many continents there are. Search the web and you’ll struggle to find one definitive answer.

How to cast a spell: safely

How to Cast a Spell: to Change and Improve an Aspect of The Self | Sage Smudge Stick
Sage is famous for its clearing and healing properties

To welcome more magic into your life you need to do one thing first – find some time and space to be bored. You need to stop what you are doing for many hours. Preferably all at once but over a few days is fine. Allow yourself to get bored. Do as little as possible. Stare at a tree for two hours. See what you discover.

People used to be more magical because they had more time to process things and to be bored. This allowed their minds to explore new concepts, to think about things deeply and to swing from topic to topic. Look for all the symbols and signs around you, what do they mean? Pay attention to colours, unusual sounds, the things that happen every day, day in, day out.

~A Spell to Change and Improve an Aspect of The Self ~

I’ll give you one spell to do, since we’re here talking. And this one is safe, and you’ll be doing it on yourself.

Think of one thing about yourself that you’d like to change or improve. Make this something deep and significant if you can. Go on a walk, take one hour. Make sure you will be warm enough, or have enough water. Try to walk in a sunny spot, a place in nature.

Hold the thing that you want to change about yourself in your head. As you walk, keep your eyes peeled. You are treasure hunting.

Find three little tressures that you like. These should be small items, about the size of your thumb only, or smaller. Choose three items that are significantly different, that have different colours or textures. They are your magic treasures, so choose things that you love.

You will probably find that you seem to be given three things by your guides. You may find a special coin, a discarded trinket or a beautiful leaf. Take the whole hour to find your treasures. Decide on them carefully.

When the hour is up, take your objects home and put them somewhere safe.

For the next part of the spell, you need to go to your mediation room, or a quiet spot in your house where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle and burn some incense to set the mood up for a spiritual practice. Take your treasures out and lay them on the floor in front of you.

How to Cast a Spell: to Change and Improve an Aspect of The Self | Tarot & Runes
Looking for spells that work has been a human desire for centuries: Tarot & Runes

Set a clock/alarm for 40 minutes.

Use this 40 minutes to get to know these objects, as you are getting to know and love the aspect of yourself that you want to change. As you pour love into the objects, thank them for coming into your life just when you needed them.

Take each object in turn and review it thoroughly. Examine the texture, weight, original purpose. Think about why they came into existence and why they’re important. This element in you that you seek to improve and change has also been with you for a purpose. This “thing” has served you and now you can let it know that you are grateful for it. Say Thank You.

Think of three reasons why this element of yourself came into existence. Think of three reasons why this element of yourself has been part of you. Assign each of the three reasons to one of your three treasures. Collect all the treasures up at the end of the 40 minutes and line them up somewhere you can see them, like your bedroom.

Over the next week, take three more long walks and “release” one of the treasures “back into the wild”. As you do this, release all the anxiety and negativity you are holding onto that has to do with this element of your personality you are desiring to improve and change. Say Thank You.

After the final walk, congratulate yourself for being so kind and loving to yourself. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Happy Spell Casting!

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