Make sure you’re hired: 6 secrets to being the type of employee that gets ahead and achieves

I have had a frustrating day. People that I have been relying on have let me down. It’s amazing how many people you come across in business who seem to have a poor work ethic or little care for what they produce. As a perfectionist – I find this immensely frustrating.

I’m not perfect – but there are some areas of my life (particularly in my job) where excellence is demanded and expected. Everyone I work with is always on time, always engaged in what they’re doing and strives for the highest. That’s what achievers do.

It’s frustrating when people let you down

Now I am working with many contractors and I have heard every excuse under the sun in the last few weeks. One writer contracted malaria. One had “an emergency with her dog”, and one keeps telling me she’s emailed me things – but nothing appears every time I check the multiple accounts I’ve given her – despite me receiving emails from other people all day.

These people are only hurting themselves.

In the short-term, they are frustrating me and will probably eventually lose my business. In the long-term, it’s these attitudes that will see them have unsuccessful careers and probably not get their own personal projects off the ground.

You can tell an employee that is not engaged early on

When I was about 20, I used to work for a promotions company.  Within a few months, I was promoted to Manager of a region, meaning that I had to coordinate around 15 members of staff, mostly via phone calls.

It amazed me very quickly how little respect people had for getting the job done, or for showing common courtesy to their fellow workers and managers.

Eventually I developed a sixth-sense as to which team members would last, and which ones wouldn’t. I always said that if someone took a “sick day” within the first two weeks of their employment – then they weren’t serious about the job and needed to be “let go” straight away.

The first 6 months of any job is the time you really need to prove yourself. In my world, I couldn’t just leave someone in the lurch.

Here are the 6 secrets to being the type of employee that gets ahead

#1: Never be late

Be on time, or arrive 5 minutes early – otherwise you are sending the message that your time is more valuable than other people’s.

#2: Deadlines are important

Keep to your deadlines and deliver things on time. If you can’t keep to a deadline for some reason – tell the person you need to deliver to well in advance, so they can look at other options.

#3: Politeness goes along way

Always be professional and polite. Now we’re not always perfect but I have learned the hard way that it’s always imperative to keep calm at work, particularly in emails.

#4: Give people respect

Don’t gossip at work. Stay out of office politics – they only lead to trouble. Do your job, speak highly of others when they deserve it and offer useful feedback.

#5: Talk to everyone!

Work across teams where you can. Move outside your immediate work circle and talk to everyone and every department. It’s a great way to learn about a business and it often comes in handy.

#6: Think before you act

Send harsh emails the next day. If you have to send a critical email, or reply to an email where someone is being critical of your work – really spend time thinking about the messaging. Don’t react.

See? All easy stuff, really. What would you add to this list? Is there anything here that people do that drives you crazy? Let me know in the comments field below.


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