The 10 reasons I can’t get into Instagram

I’m sure you know it well by now. Instagram is an online social media photo and video sharing platform. One of its main features is the way it allows users to apply filters to their images and the fact that it confines your photos to a square shape.

People love it – but quite frankly, I find it a little dull. Here’s why.

#1: I like words

Yes, I am a writer and I like to read more than I like to look at pretty pictures. This is also the reason I dislike Twitter and favour Facebook.

#2: I can’t find people

All the girls at work follow really interesting people. The Boyf also follows some cool Instafeeds (and some rather ‘racy’ feeds too, don’t you sweetheart?)

#3: My feed is cluttered

Lots of ads, lots of emoticons, and lots of ugly, jumbled text accompanies almost every single shot.

#4: I like to read all the comments

Half the comments on my Instafeed are hidden and when I click on the link, it doesn’t always expand all the comments.

#5: I get bored of dog photos and tattoos

If you like dogs and tattoos (or vegan food) you’ll find plenty to do on Instagram. Me? I canna find anything cool.

#6: I only ever look at my friends’ photos

Yep, my friends are awesome and do pretty coo shit. I like to look at their photos but most of them end up on Facebook anyway.

#7: No more live filters

According to PC Mag, you used to be able to apply filters live when shooting, now you can only do it post-shot.

#8: Lots of booty shots and stuff that’s a bit “iffy”

Look, I like a nice booty just as much as the next person but I do find a lot of the imagery on Instagram is a bit sexist. Sure, I could exercise my thumbs and stop following the people that are the worst offenders.

#9: Lack of privacy for users?

“Midwest Mom” on Commonsense Media says: “BEWARE of INSTAGRAM! Not something your kids should download. This app has no privacy controls. Young kids are posting innocent photos that anyone in the Instagram community can “like” and then total strangers’ photos, profanity, and sexually explicit images can show up on your kids’ iPod!”

#10: Gets boring

Yep, snap, shoot, upload. Yawn. Lots of pretty pictures but not a lot of depth – that’s what I think anyway!


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