Do you get more respect at work than at home? How to respect your man

God I love where I work. I like the actual work I do, and I love the company but what I really, really love is the team I work in. Every day I look forward to going to work, where I am involved in interesting projects, with creative, engaging people, and together, we feel that we are building something significant to be proud of.

But I don’t get this feeling at home so much.

Nor do I give my partner the same respect as I give my colleagues, I think. At work, I make decisions, some of them rather important, and I get respect and occasional recognition.

In the home, The Boyf and I will argue about whether to have the fan on or off and how long you should cook pasta for. We’re like a couple of toddlers – sulking when we don’t get our way (OK, it might be me sulking the most).

I think the problem is respect. Reading a few blog posts on respect, I can see that, perhaps, I am a wee bit lacking in the “showing I respect a person” stakes. The problem is I think I am right all the time, and if you read this blog regularly – you will know that’s true!

So, how do you show respect to a man? Erm – I wasn’t sure, so I decided to consult some experts. “When a man feels respected by his mate, it actually makes him want to become a better person,” says Advanced Life Skills. “Your approval is a powerful motivator.”

The five respect needs of men (from

  1. Respect his judgment
  2. Respect his abilities
  3. Respect in communication
  4. Respect in public
  5. Respect in our assumptions

I quite like this tip too “Share your feelings with him but keep it abbreviated.”

Does The Boyf respect me?

Well, I can say that he does. He provides me with more respect than I have known in a relationship. I still occasionally reel back when I realise that he actually cares. He cares about how I feel, whether I am happy and safe and about my life and my achievements in general. And I care about those things for him, as well.

“When people do not respect us we are sharply offended; yet in his private heart no man much respects himself.” – Mark Twain


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