What your picks from the TV Guide reveal about your personality

Imagine opening an old TV Guide and flipping through the pages – remembering the old TV shows you loved in the 80s and 90s.

What would the shows you selected to re-watch reveal about your personality? Does your inner nerd come out watching Doogie Howser,M.D.? Did you freak out with Who Killed Laura Palmer? Did you long to be part of the perfect family in Full House?

Met Ken from Boston – your TV Guidance Counselor 

One thing I love about running this blog is meeting different people who are all doing exciting things. I received an email this week from Ken Reid, a stand-up comedian and host of an internet podcast show.

Now, I know how difficult stand-up comedy is – I have three friends who have tried it – two guys and a girl – and it’s not as easy as it looks. I have seen a comedy routine work one day and flop the next; I have seen crowds so hostile that I was afraid for the comedian’s safety at the end of his/her set.

A podcast about 80s and 90s TV! But, hey, what’s a podcast? 

If you read my blog every now and then, you’ll also see lots of stuff about radio. These days you don’t need to work at a radio station to broadcast your voice, all you need to do is podcast.

Well, it’s a bit like “audio-blogging”. Ken has created some “capsule content” with a bit of a twist – he has a show online which he calls “TV Guidance Counselor”.

Here is what the show is about:

“I own every TV Guide from 1980-1995,” explains Ken.

“Someone comes over my house, picks a random TV Guide, writes down everything in it that they want to watch in prime time (8-10pm) and then the podcast is us discussing their choices.”

Sounds like a cool idea?

I definitely found the premise interesting! Ken and his guests sometimes break format and discuss the guests’ careers or other aspirations – using the TV Guide as a talking point.

I really like Ken’s idea – in fact, I have blogged previously about some of my favourite TV shows from the 80s – my post was called TV and Movies from the 80s: Thanks for the Spiritual Enlightenment – which is a bit tongue in cheek!

“We kind of get into stories about growing up,” says Ken, “people’s relationship with television, some cultural/media studies dissection and I spit out a lot of trivia.”

So – what do the podcasts sound like? Ken recently interviewed actress JoAnn Willette from the old sitcom Just the Ten of Us which was a spin off from one of my fave old show – Growing Pains.

Hear Ken and JoAnne’s discussion about her picks from the TV Guide here.

If you’d like to find out more about Ken, check out these links:

 And while we’re on the subject – here are 10 of my fave shows from the 80s and 90s:

  1. Faulty Towers
  2. Red Dwarf
  3. Full House
  4. Blackadder
  5. You Can’t Do that on Television
  6. Married, With Children
  7. The Cosby Show
  8. Ducktales
  9. Absolutely Fabulous
  10. Who’s The Boss
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