What does it mean to dream of violins?

Last night I had an interesting dream which I would like to tell you about. There was a man who was charged with looking after and curating a museum that was filled with old, beautiful and historical violins. He’d been looking after the museum for decades, making sure all the violins were looked after and staying safe. He would clean the glass cases and oil the wood of the violins, so that they were always in peak condition.

Because all the violins were very old and belonged to the museum, they were never played. They sat there in the glass cases and languished in silence, only to be looked at. One day the curator of the museum couldn’t take it anymore. He rushed to the glass cabinets and started pulling out all the violins in a sort of frenzy and playing them, wildly, one after another, in a sort of crazed state.

What do dreams mean?

If ever I need to know the meanings of my dreams, I look within. I have studied dreams and dreaming for years now and I know how to interpret many of my dreams. No one else can interpret your dreams for you, but there are some symbols that have universal meaning.

Often, if we see something out of place in our dreams, that makes no sense, this can be a dream symbol that may mean something. Think about the deeper significance of what you have seen.

What would my violin dream mean?

I think the dream is about locked up potential – feeling that there is music, information and excitement – all locked up in glass cabinets, just out of my reach.

From Dream Symbols, one of my fave dream interpreting sites:

To see or hear a violin in your dream symbolizes peace and harmony in your waking life. If the violin is broken, then it signifies separation, sadness, and bereavement. To play a violin in your dream denotes honour, distinction and refinement. You will be well recognised for your work.

Well, I quite like that meaning and I have never dreamt of violins before. Lately I dream often of houses, apartments and water. I am always building things in my dreams.

Some ways to remember your dreams:

  1. Stick to a regular bedtime routine
  2. No drugs or alcohol before bed
  3. Eat fresh herbs and pasta for dinner
  4. Write down your dreams, even if you only remember a few words
  5. When you wake, bush your sheets firmly with your hands
  6. Stick to it: practise makes perfect
  7. Ask for help from your guardians and guides – they may assist you
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  1. Barbara
    January 2, 2019

    Out of place situations in dreams? What about a violin being blindly tossed over a solid wall that lands into a deep pool of water?

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