How to achieve your goals with The Backwards Plan: Kerri Pottharst, Gold Olympian

This is an excerpt of an article I wrote for Start Up Smart. To read the full article, go to the link at the end. Kerri Pottharst is good at setting goals. She is one of Australia’s best known sportswomen, famous for playing indoor and beach volleyball. She is a triple Olympian with two Olympic medals. Now she is turning her hand to inspiring the corporate sector, using techniques she learned on the sports field, in the boardroom.

Setting corporate goals, with an athlete’s mindset

After 25 years of playing sport – with 20 of those years at an elite level – I realised that I had something more to give. Having played a sport that was quite low-profile in this country, I had something to say. Volleyball comes up against more high-profile female sports and the male arena with football and cricket.

The battle for corporate attention

I was always battling for funding and for sponsorship with my team partner, Natalie Cook. I realised I had the skill to earn an income while continuing to play. I set about writing about the business side of sport.

I wanted to talk to people about how to set their goals and achievements, and to focus on teaching people the mindset that’s needed to achieve their goals. My book The Business of Being an Athlete is not just for athletes, it’s for people in small business, or for anyone who is looking for some motivation. It basically provides some strategies on how to reach your goals.

My three keys to success are: KEEP READING

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