Stuck in a dead end job? Career going nowhere? Here’s what to do!

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for the fabulous publication, Australian Women Online. To read the full article, head to the link at the end of this text).

The job market is tight and good jobs are getting more difficult to hold on to as companies frequently choose long probation periods to ensure they have hired engaged and active staff. However, some workers are being left to languish in roles where they are poorly managed, often to the detriment of their companies and individual careers.

“When I was growing up I do not recall usage of the term redundancy,” says, career coach, Martin Darke. “Prior to these payments being enshrined in law, companies could simply lay people off.”

Julie Howard from Edgecliff, NSW, says that she held a job role for two years where she felt her skills and talents were being under-utilised. She struggled to achieve in her role, which had been newly created by the company that hired her. Within two years, her role was made redundant. Julie is now working successfully in another, similar role where she says she is managed more proactively.

“There is always a risk with a newly created role that the original intentions do not work out or the decision to recruit was a short-sighted one,” says Angela Edwardson, a People and Culture expert, and current working human resources manager. (To keep reading the article, head to Australian Women Online).


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