Bored of blogging? 20 tips when you’re tired of blogging

Sometimes we all get bored of blogging. It’s not always easy. In fact, it’s pretty damn hard and takes a lot of commitment. I have now been writing a blog for 4 years. I started this blog on November 15th, 2012 and in that first month I had 52 visitors. Fast forward to now and I have nearly 20 000 visitors per month and I even make a few bucks with Adsense. To put that in context, the famous magazine Cosmopolitan just made the news here in my home country of Australia as Cosmo is now selling only 42 000 copies per month and dropping.

Do you have a blog yet? I think that everyone should have a blog but it helps if you like to write and or take photos. If you don’t, then blogging may become a chore. In the first 362 days that I was blogging (about the first year), I put up 210 posts – that’s a post every 40 hours or so, on average. That’s a hell of a lot of writing. It takes devotion and hey, you gotta love it.

I feel drawn to this blog but I have other writing pursuits and blogging takes so much time and effort. Post script: I now only blog about 2 or 3 times a week but I also spend hours every week replying to emails, replying to comments, giving free Dream Analyses and improving the UX and UI of the site, as well as optimising for keywords and images for SEO with Yoast. Yes, it is quite a bit of work and I have learned lots of stuff along the way, including basic HTML code. It’s not as hard as you think!

What can you do when you are bored of blogging?

Bored of blogging? 20 tips when you’re tired of blogging
The Golden Rough and the Peppermint Pattie might help you when you’re bored of blogging – see tip #1

Some days I simply cannot write. That’s not true. I actually write on 6 days of every week, particularly as my job is as a copywriter. What I do every day is get large, often dull and incomprehensible documents and make them readable for a general audience. Language is tricky and some days I come back to what I have written and I think, “This doesn’t even make sense! What did I mean?” and on other days I come back to something I have written and think, “This doesn’t sound like me… who wrote this?” only to find that I was the author after all.

Want to know the single most important blogging tip ever? Here it is just one click away.

If you are wanting some inspiration, if you’re suffering from writer’s block, if you are suffering from writing fatigue and if you are bored of blogging here are 20 things to try. Blogging is a skill and therefore some days we just need a little more inspiration!

20 tips to help you when you are tired of blogging

  1. Go for a walk and do not take your wallet so you don’t buy Golden Roughs*
  2. Watch a random movie you’ve borrowed from the library
  3. Call your craziest friend and ask them how they are
  4. Smell some lavender
  5. Go to the dictionary – randomly choose a word and craft a post around that
  6. Type in “I wish I could” or “How to” into your browser and see what people are asking about
  7. Write an article on diets or weight loss. People can’t get enough!
  8. Write about something you hate
  9. Tell a story from your childhood
  10. Ask the person next to you what they’ve noticed recently in the news
  11. Interview someone cool
  12. Write a post on your favourite food
  13. Make a list of something unique
  14. What’s the worst book or movie? Write a scathing review
  15. Tell your biggest secret – under the banner of anonymity
  16. Research a banal product, like toothpaste, and find out weird things about it
  17. Call your mother. When all else fails – mum knows what to do
  18. When did you last hurt yourself? Tell the story
  19. Which celebrity are you most like and why?
  20. Take a break. But make it a short break

*Above you will see a picture of an Australian Golden Rough with its sweet little partner, the Peppermint Pattie. You can only get these in Australia, as far as I know. Sorry bout that.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. What are your suggestions?

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