Are You Stuck in a Rut? Here’s 4 Things to Pull You Out!

I once read something about healing that intrigued me. There was a theory in ancient Greece that when a person was taken ill, the plant that would cure them could normally be found within reach.

This is an esoteric principle. Have you ever had a problem and subsequently met someone who could help you with it? Have you ever needed to find a particular product or service for the first time and found that the exact thing you needed had just become available in your town?

A cure is always within our reach

If you have a problem, any problem at all, esotericism suggests that the solution is within your reach. Perhaps not the full solution, but certainly the next step. Often when things go wrong in our lives we can feel overwhelmed. Problems seem so large it’s often hard to know where to begin. I know many people who seem to be paralysed. They decide that the process of change is too difficult, too large and even insurmountable.

So what are your biggest problems? What is making you ill inside? What are you looking to heal? This process never ends. We never finish. There is nothing to aim for, only progress. Don’t get bogged down by an end point. There is no end point, there is only a point that is different to now.

Often, we become stuck in a rut

These ruts can occur in any area of our lives. It is important to keep things moving. We are changing and growing every second of every day, so embrace that change and move towards the you of tomorrow. Don’t be disheartened by the you of today. She’s on her way out. He is so yesterday.

1. Let go of bad habits

Our brains are designed to fire along neural pathways that are well established. This makes our life easier as we don’t have to read a map every day to get to the same bus stop. These pathways can be a negative thing too. Often we have ingrained habits that we need to let go of in order to progress.

2. Try a new thing

this is a photo of crochet

Just as our brains build new pathways, so do we need to give them new stimuli. Replace bad habits with good ones. Learn a new language or a musical instrument. Teach yourself a new skill like patternmaking or web design. What are you really keen on doing? Start today, even if it’s just 15 minutes of research on a new course you’d like to do.

3. Look to the future

Write a list of goals. Make these attainable too. You should absolutely put your big goals on this list, but make sure you include milestones too. For example, one of my big goals is to have a published novel but I put many milestones along the way such as work with an editor, join a writing group, get a few published articles, complete manuscript one, begin editing process, meet two mentors etc. The milestones need to be attainable and you will feel that you are making progress.

4. Have a great mindset

Yes, you can do it. Of course you can! Who else is going to live your dreams and achieve your goals if not the glorious you? But remember there’s more to you than a sexy body and a clever brain. There’s more to you than a fat wallet or a house full of genius kids. Even if you do sell one of your paintings or write that number one hit or find a publisher for your book there’s still more to you than that. How do you feel? How are your morals? When did you last call your mother? We can all improve in little ways, every day.

Photo is by elviskennedy many thanks!


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