8 Ways to Nurture Yourself

It’s important to take some time out of our busy days to nurture and value ourselves. Often we are so busy and there are so many demands on us that we begin to feel drained and tired. Remember that you are a true treasure and that you should be treating yourself with the same love and respect that you would treat others. Here are some ways to nurture yourself that I thought you might like to try.

Speaking to yourself nicely

Do you do it? I often have a problem with negative self-talk. I don’t know why. After all, I am a fabulous person and so are you! I have many flaws and often I let these perceived flaws bother me to the point where I get very stressed about them.

I try to think of other people’s good points

It really helps me to get on in the world. I like most people and I often have to plan for lots of ‘alone’ time because I find being around other people quite draining. I like to give people lots of energy and sometimes I just don’t have it in me.

I have heard theories that we only have access to a certain amount of energy each day, and that amount is finite. It runs out. I have heard that it is important to preserve this energy and not waste it on things that are not worth it, such as stress.

Turn media off when feeling drained

There are a few things I try to do when I am feeling drained. Often I don’t know how to appropriately nurture myself. I don’t like watching TV. I have too short an attention span to watch movies. I write and read so much anyway that this sometimes doesn’t relax me. So what are some appropriate ways I can nurture myself?

I like to cook

I make sure that I choose a recipe that has lots of ‘processes’ to keep me busy. I love the challenge of putting together something new. Once I tried to make homemade tortillas and I even went to a special market to find maize flour. They were the most god-awful things I have ever tried to create and I still don’t know how I managed to stuff them up so royally. At least I had fun making them.

Go on a senses walk

this is a photo of a garden

So what the hell is that I hear you ask? Go on a walk in nature (or even a bustling city) and really try to be aware of your five senses as you walk. What can you see, hear, smell, taste..what sensations can you feel? Imagine you are an alien that has just landed on this amazing planet and see it anew.


Ok I am really crappy at crochet but I have recently met a crochet genius. This person practically taught themselves to crochet in only a couple of weeks. I am now the proud owner of the exciting beanie you can see in this post’s main shot and one day I hope to make my own. Sewing, crocheting or embroidering are all great, nurturing activities.

Big glass of water

this is a photo of a glass of water

I am a huge water drinker! I go though glasses and glasses every day with ease. A big glass of water is a very nurturing thing for you, your body will really appreciate it. Get big glasses too, as I find this helps. If you really need to, sweeten with a tiny bit of juice or cordial but only a tiny, tiny bit!


I am a very affectionate person and I love to be cuddled. A cuddle makes me feel safe and happy and I get some of the other cuddler’s loving energy. If I feel really awful I like to be cuddled all night, no matter if it’s on the couch or in bed, I will take a cuddle as it comes. I will also dispense them freely too. I am giving you a virtual cuddle right now.

What are some ways you nurture yourself? Please share!

  1. July 11, 2013

    The cooking work better for me. Nice tips,

    1. July 11, 2013

      Thanks Kim! Probably my fave thing too!

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