Why Mariah Carey’s Hello Kitty Room is the Most Disgraceful Thing I Have Ever Seen | Hello Kitty

Why Mariah Carey’s Hello Kitty Room is the Most Disgraceful Thing I Have Ever Seen

Have you heard of Mariah Carey’s Hello Kitty Room? Having too much of anything terrifies me. As I have previously mentioned, I am a consumerist like the vast majority of us. When I write something I print it, when I find a mistake, I reprint it. I buy too many clothes. I occasionally waste fresh food and someone must be coming in to my house and leaving stacks of books because every time I turn around there’s another pile of them, even though I promised not to buy any more.

We collect things we like

Often, when we find something we really like, we want to collect lots of it. When I was younger, it was Barbies. Now as a woman in my mid thirties, it’s clothes and jewellery. I usually don’t have too much trouble letting go of things, although, as I have written before, it’s not always easy. Mariah Carey’s Hello Kitty Room is something I really wanted to comment on!

Mariah Carey has a whole room devoted to her Hello Kitty crap

Why Mariah Carey’s Hello Kitty Room is the Most Disgraceful Thing I Have Ever Seen | Mariah Carey

A few years ago I found a picture of Mariah Carey in her Hello Kitty room and it terrified me. I thought, “Why on earth does a grown woman need a Hello Kitty room?” it reminded me of Michael Jackson and his statues and chimpanzees. When you have chimpanzee food on your weekly bill list – you know you have become a total weirdo.

When I see people with massive collections of unnecessary things, I really wonder how they can look at all those items and now feel like they are looking at an unfulfilled part of themselves. An American comedian once said, “No matter how many houses and how many rooms you have in how many countries, you can only ever sit your butt in one chair.”

It’s true, isn’t it?

With possessions come responsibility, think of those English families who have inherited grand stately homes that cost millions of dollars a year to maintain. More often than not, these homes have to be broken up and sold in portions, or handed over to the local councils. It’s hard to maintain lots of things.

Jerry Seinfeld’s car collection

Jerry Seinfeld has 46 Porsches. Yuh huh. “So what?” I hear you say, “The man has earned millions and worked so hard and is so talented, surely he deserves to buy what he likes.

In fact, if one cares to research, one can find out that Jerry actually supports no less than seven charities and 11 causes, so he is obviously a very generous, giving person too… as well as being outrageously materialistic. FYI Jerry’s car garage features four separate garage spaces, an elevator, a club room, a pool table, a kitchenette and bathroom, and a sizable office. I can only imagine that to run and maintain this garage it probably costs him several millions of dollars a year.

Why Mariah Carey’s Hello Kitty Room is the Most Disgraceful Thing I Have Ever Seen | Jerry Seinfeld

Am I being a little harsh calling someone outrageously materialistic for owning 46 Porsches?

Hell no. Anybody who owns 46 Porsches should be ashamed of themselves, I don’t care how much they have given back to society. That is sheer opulence, and I almost find it offensive. And I am a big fan of Jerry Seinfeld, I’m sure he’s a great guy in general.

Really, why should I care so much about what other people do?

I just feel that our society is so disposable now and we really think we need more than we do. I see people at work now and each of us have two computer screens, a laptop, and iphone and many bring an ipad too. All these appliances cost money to own, maintain and run and really, how many devices do we need to stay in touch?

I almost resent how much crap I need just to function in normal society. I admire those people who go off the grid, but I enjoy being plugged in too much. A typical Libran, I love beautiful things, and possessions can make us happy, and can enhance our lives.

But no one needs a Hello Kitty room

Enjoy Hello Kitty, love Hello Kitty, buy your daughter a Hello Kitty doll at Christmas but do not waste thousands of dollars devoting a whole room to crap that is just going to end up as landfill. That’s just bullshit. Mariah Carey’s Hello Kitty Room is just something that is over the top.

Why Mariah Carey’s Hello Kitty Room is the Most Disgraceful Thing I Have Ever Seen | Shoes

And a note to people who dress up their dogs

OK – this is a contentious issue and I know I will potentially anger people by saying this, but, your dog does not need dress up clothes. Your dog does not need doggy pyjamas. Your dog does not need a rhinestone encrusted collar. That is bullshit. Dogs do not need, want or desire any of these things. These things are about YOU. Your dog will not love you any more or less because you have bought her a sparkly collar. The dog won’t even know. Spend the money on something to benefit a human and give your dog 10 minutes of attention and affection instead. That will make your dog happier.

But who am I to judge what you want to buy?

You could come into my closet and pull out 15 jackets I never wear and 20 pairs of shoes that give me blisters. I buy and consume and waste just as much as the next person. Mariah Carey’s Hello Kitty Room is something that really struck a chord with me.

OK I normally don’t quote old nuns in my blog – but she makes a good point:

“There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well. They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things that we could use.” — Mother Teresa


  1. June 26, 2013

    Hahaha!!! I totally get your point but come to think of it, I think it’s fun to see the silly things that normal people like you and I do all in the name of they are wealthy.

    1. June 26, 2013

      You know what, I reckon you’re right. My post was pretty heated! I honestly don’t think there’s anything too wrong with enjoying what you love.

  2. ohgee
    September 6, 2014

    specifically on the Hello Kitty room. i dont think there is anything wrong with it. it’s very judgmental to say something is bullsh*t when we dont know how much it means to a person. it may be crazy to some, but for others, it means something so much more.

    i searched the actual article and she said it’s something that she liked since she was little, and we all know she was poor before. it’s probably something that she could only dreamed of before and couldnt afford…and she said some are sent by her fans. so she is treasuring those. at the end of day, if it inspires her and makes her happy, i dont see anything wrong with that…. especially when she’s not stepping on anyone 🙂

    1. September 8, 2014

      Hi ohgee-

      Yes, fair comment. If you can afford something and it makes you happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone – why not do it? Some might argue that that makes for a shallow and vacuous existence – but that doesn’t mean it’s harmful. I’m definitely being judgmental. As for personal struggles and growing up poor? Her parents divorced and she was teased over her ethnicity but she married a millionaire at age 24 – so I’m not weeping any tears for her past. Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to share your thoughts.

      all the best–Alyce

  3. zan
    September 14, 2014

    This post is so beyond rude… i came from a google search to read about mariah careys collection as i was fascinated by it and found this site with this post in particular and was shocked by the title. I actually read through it all before making any judgment, and i got to say that you sound like such a hateful, bitter person.

    1. September 14, 2014

      Hi Zan

      Thanks for your comment. I just think her excessiveness is offensive but you obviously feel differently. You’re entitled to your opinion, as I am entitled to mine. Have a great day.


  4. Karen
    June 12, 2015

    Your writing is overly annoying and judgmental. If Mariah Carey wants to devote a whole room to Hello Kitty is totally OK because let me remind you that it is her money. She can do whatever the hell she wants with it. She has worked super hard for her fortune. It’s not like she’s asking you for money to buy her Hello Kitty stuff. You’re so annoying and immature that I don’t ever want to come across your blogs anymore.

    1. June 15, 2015

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your comments. FYI Mariah married a multi-millionaire in her early 20s, so I wouldn’t say she’s worked that hard for her cash. I doubt she’s ever stood behind a cash register or commuted long distances 6 days a week to feed her kids. I stand by my comments that to waste money on something so banal is worth criticizing. I think to be reckless with your cash like that is abhorrent – particularly when all these items will just end up as landfill. I agree that we all deserve treats and nice things from time to time, but to fill your house with useless trash indicates something within that is sorely lacking. Even though you find me judgmental and my tone irritating, I still want to say thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to comment on the post.

      All the best-

  5. Jake
    June 18, 2015

    I just came across this, and agree with the other comments. I think this actually kind of humanizes Mariah since we all have different cooky things we like. But really, a point that makes all of your opinions seem even more unnecessary–if you read the article about her Hello Kitty bathroom, you would learn that ALL of the items in the room were given to her by her fans from all of the world–many particularly from Japan where she was first introduced to the doll and told the fans she thought it was cute.

    This article in general just seems pointless and mean-spirited.

    1. June 18, 2015

      Hi Jake,

      OK, fair enough. Thanks for your comments. It’s not just me who thinks that excessive materialism is obnoxious – there’s a movement in minimalism gaining momentum all over the world. One of my friends has decided to live “in flow” – where she simply trusts the universe to supply her with what she and her family needs. She writes:

      “I knew it was my attachment to ‘stuff’ that was keeping me back from growth, travel and adventure. Truth was, I didn’t use most of it anyway. It just sat in my closet and on my shoe rack and looked pretty! So I did the maths – how many dollars & how much time away from doing what I love had I spent to pay for it all. It almost made me sick. Now, 6yrs on, I still regularly give away and purge what I accumulate. I usually just wait for Flow to provide now: which it does in the most fascinating of ways. I can’t tell you the gratitude experienced when you let Flow do what it does best: provide for us. I guess it has been a conscious decision to place experiences and family time as a higher priority than ‘perceived security’ and stuff.”

      Sorry for the long reply – but I really do there is something to be said for not placing value on accumulating junk – whether it’s cars, clothes or Hello Kitty crap.

      Thanks for your comments.

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  9. Mona
    September 8, 2017

    You sound like you have really bad breath.

    1. September 8, 2017

      Fair enough, I can be a bit whiffy sometimes!
      –Thanks for your comment, Mona!

  10. Michelle
    February 19, 2018

    you do realize these are gifts from her fans, she isn’t out prowling the streets looking for cheap hello kitty shit.

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