They Moved all the Desks in the Office

They moved all the desks in the office

Now I sit opposite Andre

I try not to cough

Too loudly

Because I know I can be annoying.

I make lots of funny noises when I’m at work

I stretch and grumble and eat apples and drink coke

I wouldn’t want to sit next to me.

If you asked an expert

They’d say I work in a cube

That it’s beneath me

That I’m like a bee trapped in a hive

Making honey for the Queen

But I feel protected in my cube

I decorate it with lovely pictures of trees

And it makes me feel safe

Andre is going on holidays

Or maybe he has been fired

And he doesn’t want to tell me

No one knows anything

These days

You never know if you’ll be fired next

But I find

That I’m calm… most days

If they took my cube away

I’d just move to another one

I could

Do a different job

Or be Queen myself one day

But I don’t really care

I don’t feel like trying anymore

I tried once, and I already failed.

Photo by Victor 1558


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