Main tips for writing an application essay: Learn everything.

6 Tips for Writing an Application Essay

Many people find writing an application essay a challenge; they may not be confident writers, have only a basic idea of how to structure their work and might feel stumped when knowing exactly where to begin – but it doesn’t…

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7 Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex | Healing From A Break Up

7 Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex

Are you still in love with your ex-partner? There are many signs that you are not over your ex but sometimes we miss them. Before you get back to the dating scene, you need to make sure you’re ready for…

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8-questions-you-shouldn’t-ask-on-a first-date-dating-advice

8 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask On a First Date

Are you going on a first date? Here’s some advice for you: A first date is quite a responsible event, let’s face it, if we consider it in more detail, we can distinguish several components – questions, answers, neutral conversation, emotions….

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