Personal growth

How to get ahead in just 1 hour per day

Life just gets busier and busier: there are bills to pay, people to see, families to attend to and budgets to keep. Sometimes we all feel as though we are merely surviving though our days – not really achieving or…

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How to deal with Anxiety and Guilt

Can anxiety ever serve a positive purpose? Here I’d like to talk about women, anxiety and feelings of guilt – something common to many chicks I know. Lately I have been feeling lots of anxiety. I feel anxious about many…

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How to change yourself: quickly

Change is hard. I want to change but I find it very difficult. Sometimes I forget that I am truly changing every day. There are so many things about myself that I would like to change but I often feel…

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lost your confidence

What to do when you’ve lost your confidence

It happens to us all sometimes. A knock or two to our personal selves can feel like a permanent state of despair. It could be a job loss, relationship troubles or feeling isolated that can shatter your confidence. When we…

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5 ways to cope when things are crappy

Constant, crushing, paralysing pain. This time last year I was in a really bad state of affairs. I had been made redundant from a job I loved, my relationship was seriously on the rocks, I was working in a (new)…

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I Look Like a Bimbo – But I’m OK with That

I look dumb. It’s OK – I know this. I have looked a little thick my whole life. Frequently I have been told things such as, “You’re a lot smarter than you look,” or, “Oh, you’re actually quite intelligent,” or,…

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