The pain and glory of Valentine’s Day

In Australia, we don’t have men, we have blokes. If you google the word ‘bloke’ you just get a definition that it means the same as ‘man’ but in a more casual way. How are Australian men regarded overseas? I…

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How to Be Charming (Yes, You)

I have a thing for charmers. Male or female, superior or subordinate. Lover or neighbour. I love a charmer. I am also very charming myself. A typical Libran, I can usually get what I want in life because I know…

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When Does Sadness Become Depression?

I just got nothing today. Nothing at all. This is not a post about writer’s block, this is a post about emptiness. I feel like life has lost its lustre, but I can’t be too despondent here because I don’t…

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