Male anorexia on the rise

The Boyf and I are obsessed by our scales. I have blogged about this before: My Love/Hate relationship with the scales and I have been on both sides of this argument: that you should weigh every day in order to…

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10 things that will aid your digestion beetroot

10 things that will aid your digestion

Want to aid your digestion? There are good foods and bad foods: no matter who you are, I am sure you have a very comprehensive list! Growing up, one of my best buddies was severely lactose intolerant. This was before…

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My extreme 3 day diet plan: day 2 FAIL

Kids, I have failed. I thought long and hard about what I would write today. I was tossing up whether to be honest about the second day of my crazy eating plan or to just come clean. In truth, I…

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My 3 day extreme diet plan: follow me

I am about to start a three day extreme eating plan and I want your help. The time has come to do something drastic with my diet. I eat lots of junk food and I have been blogging a lot…

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The healthy foods that are making you FAT

What’s wrong with this image? A healthy burger, right? It’s got loads of nutrients in it: healthy grains, vegetables, non-meat-based protein and lots of fibre. But there is one major problem with this ‘healthy’ burger. It has too many calories…

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