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My first memories of comfort eating

Oh seriously GUH. Blergh and ugh. I have had the most weird crazy couple of days where I feel this sense of being completely overwhelmed. You know the feeling – when you feel that there is simply too much going…

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21 Cool things about potatoes roasted potatoes

21 Cool things about potatoes

Don’t be afraid. They will not hurt you. Potatoes have next to no fat, they are low in sodium and you can eat one for only 130 calories. Why are people so afraid of potatoes? Since Atkins, we have been…

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vegan snacks under 100 calories oreo cookies

21 Vegan Snacks Under 100 Calories

Want to discover some healthy vegan snacks under 100 calories? You have reached your destination! There are so many reasons to go vegan, either part time or full time. It’s ethical, healthy, sustainable and awesome! In fact, a vegan diet may…

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5 Day Vegan Power Cleanse Program

Feeling a little sluggish after Christmas? Why not try “going vegan” for only 5 days? This is a great cleanse, you can eat lots of food and still feel light on your feet. DAY ONE: CLEANSE This day is designed…

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Give “Fake” Vegans a Break

Vegans: they’re everywhere now; but eating no meat, eggs or dairy takes organisation and discipline. Can you occasionally lapse and still call yourself a vegan? Shouldn’t we all just be more relaxed about an individual’s food choices? I’ve been judged…

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