1200 calories a day is a lie? Fat chance!

LIE #1: Focusing on calorie counting alone is a shallow and harmful approach to health and nutrition. LIE #2: If you reach starvation mode it means your body realises it is not getting enough food (calories). It thinks that you…

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The healthy foods that are making you FAT

What’s wrong with this image? A healthy burger, right? It’s got loads of nutrients in it: healthy grains, vegetables, non-meat-based protein and lots of fibre. But there is one major problem with this ‘healthy’ burger. It has too many calories…

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Why you should always eat 3 meals a day

I used to stave myself. And then overeat. I used to restrict myself heavily. And then I would binge on foods I didn’t even like. I used to exercise daily and wake up in the early hours to go to…

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