Content Strategy

professional proofreading

Why Professional Proofreading Means Successful Writing

Could professional proofreading enhance your writing? In today’s fast, digital age, people publish content more frequently than ever before, and typos of all kinds seem to sneak through in even the most professional publications. Even The New York Times has…

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What are rich snippets & How to use rich snippets

We are all publishers. Ten or twenty years ago writers and content creators had to rely on traditional “publishers” to amplify their messages. Traditional publishers were newspapers, magazines, books, and to an extent – broadcasters (TV and radio). Today the…

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Facebook 360

Introduction of Facebook’s 360-Photo Feature

You can now upload and view 360-degree photos on Facebook. This comes after the announcement to launch the 360 photos on the Facebook news feed. Most users have welcomed this latest update since it does not require any special features;…

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Build your Brand with Personal Branding in 5 easy steps | Personal Brand

Build your Brand with Personal Branding

Have you heard of personal branding? If you’re a job seeker or careerist you will have heard the term “personal brand” lately but what is it and how can it help you gain the job of your dreams? This article…

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