How to Write

Short Story of a Lost and Wretched Soul

The room seemed to close in as his blood was heating up. Leonard concentrated his eyes on the floor; an endless phalanx of boards stretched across the dusty view ahead of him. A pathway to nowhere. It was so hot…

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Byron Society

Boulders bullion bistro Builds bold burlap catflap cul-de-sacs Favouritism flaunts callously enticing urchins untwined Drudgery drools gaudy gallantry against     backdrops of cold testosterone tamed guilt. Spring sees floundering females Folding folds of figurative fabric Formulating game plans launching locals lucid…

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My 100 Word Very Short Story

He proposed, then he took it back. I didn’t care about the church, cake, flowers, or if I would or wouldn’t wear a big dress; wasn’t important to me. I loved his strong, manly arms. Masculine energy that he was…

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