5 Jobs That You Can Freelance on the Side

Finding a job where you can freelance on the side is everyone’s dream. Have you wanted to work in a freelance job? Want to make an extra bit of cash on the side? There are plenty of freelance jobs out there that you needn’t be tied to. Here are just some of those jobs that are always in demand.


Writers are needed in all aspects of life, whether it be helping to market a product or provide and news and information. You can discover plenty of freelance writing jobs for beginners from Money Mozart. Bloggers are particularly sought after. You could become a guest writer on other people’s blogs for cash or start your own blog and monetise it through ads and affiliate marketing. You may even be able to charge money for reviews and press releases. Writing has so many topics within it from fashion writing to travel writing to tech writing – choose the area that you’re passionate about to ensure that you enjoy what you’re writing about.

5 Jobs That You Can Freelance on the Side


If you like to take photographs as a hobby, you may be able to make some money from this passion. You may be able to sell photographs to publications whether it be local newspapers, nature magazines or music publications. Alternatively, you could get paid to shoot someone’s wedding. You may even be able to take professional portrait photos for people. Then of course there’s the whole photo editing side of photographer which is a sought after skill.

Graphic/web design

Odd jobs in design are also in high demand. These could include designing a small company’s website, designing art for someone’s YouTube channel, creating a logo for a business, create album/single artwork for a band or designing the cover of a book. There are many graphics jobs listed on Upwork. You may even be able to come up with your own t-shirt design or even create your own app if you’ve got the programming know-how.

Selling handmade crafts

Don’t let those practical craft skills go to waste. Selling handmade items can be big business whether you’re creating jewellery, carving walking sticks, crocheting blankets, producing pottery or painting artwork. Sites like Etsy are great for selling handmade items. You may also be able to set up a stall at a local market or provide your crafts to a local shop or market trader allowing you to focus on craft part. Don’t forget to also set up your own Facebook page where you can establish a following. Do it at your own pace so that it remains as much of passion as it is a moneymaking opportunity.

5 Jobs That You Can Freelance on the Side

Babysitting & dogwalking

People need others to look after their pets and children. You may be able to find people locally by asking around. Alternatively, there are sites like FindABabySitter for finding local freelance childminding jobs and DogWalkingNow for finding local dog owners. You may be able to find someone who is willing to take on your care services on a contract basis. This may allow you to get recommended to other parents and dog owners.

5 Jobs That You Can Freelance on the Side
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5 Jobs That You Can Freelance on the Side
Want to make an extra bit of cash on the side? Here are 5 jobs you can freelance on the side that are always in demand. Check these jobs out.
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