12 tips on how to create the perfect graduate school essay

When is your next graduate school essay due? To be accepted into graduate school, you must have achieved a very high level of education. A general requirement of graduate school is that students must have earned a previous undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree with a high grade point average.

Given this fact, it’s a wonder that many students have trouble with writing tasks, even at this high level of learning. However, this is a more common problem than you might think. One study revealed, that “even with spell check and a thesaurus on hand, just 27% of students are able to write well-developed essays with proper language use.”

12 tips on how to create the perfect graduate school essay

Here are 12 tips on creating the perfect graduate school essay

  1. Before you begin: Clearly and carefully read the essay task before you begin
  2. Beginning, middle & end: Think about narrative, structure and formatting; and then create a writing plan
  3. Experts: Remember to include arguments from expert references and highlight your main points with examples
  4. Individual expression: Express your own individual thoughts on the essay topic, framed in context of the wider narrative
  5. Problem solving: Look to solve problems that arise in different, unique ways (think ‘outside the square’)
  6. Thoroughness: Analyse what is required of you and ensure the task has been covered end-to-end

Most graduate school essay requirements are similar, when you break them down to their bare elements. Master these simple points:

  1. Cover a topic fully: make sure you consider all relevant arguments and include a sufficient number of individual ideas, based on your research.
  2. Be critical! Edit out all info that isn’t necessary to the final draft and be select only the most important arguments for your final essay.
  3. Annotate: Find evidence and examples; use thorough research from accredited sources.
  4. Planning: Preparing a plan will help you write logically and consistently as well as adhere to the overall essay structure.
  5. Proofing: Avoid mistakes; proofread your content at least twice before submitting.
  6. Formatting & flow: Make sure you include a strong introduction and satisfying conclusion.

Essay writing help is available

Despite the well-established structure of your own thoughts, there might be gaps in your learning. According to a recent study 26.2% of college graduates produce writing that rates as deficient, “and employers felt that 28% of grads not only weren’t good writers but were deficient in all written communications, meaning they had trouble even fulfilling the basic writing duties their jobs required.” Writing a great graduate school essay is something that often people need assistance with.

If you’d like to get some tips for writing an essay to apply for a postgraduate or postgraduate course there are professional places to turn to for help. Ethically, you must do preparation for your studies through your own work and investigation but you can receive help and buy a good essay once all other avenues above are exhausted.

This type of professional writing service might be used as a way of checking knowledge for your final examinations, or when applying for a job in state and government structures, as a general check on your personal logic or even for helping with creative aspects of your writing.

In some cases, after you have done much of the groundwork yourself, in an ethical way, you can buy college essays online which will greatly facilitate your task. These should always supplement your own hard work. However, if you decide to write your graduate essay entirely on your own, remember that the structure of your essay should contain a distinct introduction, a main argument and a solid, well planned conclusion. Here’s how. 

Seek out help when you get stuck with essay writing

If you want to learn better writing skills there are many avenues open to you. Having reached graduate school, you have a great depth of understanding of subjects and a capacity for learning. Don’t be discouraged if you believe your core essay writing skills need improving.

Gain lots of feedback, break tasks down into workable sections and give yourself ample time to complete tasks. Use these 12 tips above to create the perfect graduate school essay and seek out help and assistance from professionals when you get stuck.

12 tips on how to create the perfect graduate school essay
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12 tips on how to create the perfect graduate school essay
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