Dream symbols: Cicada | What is the meaning of cicadas in your dream

Have you ever had a dream of a cicada? The meaning of cicadas can be uncovered with some inner work. These insects are common across the world and are similar to locusts, which appear in many historical texts, the Old Testament, Chinese and Egyptian mythology. Our dreamer today is named Gaby, and she has contacted me with a very interesting dream where she meets a singing cicada.

How do you interpret a cicada meaning, or the cicada symbol? This was a Chinese symbol, a spiritual representation that lead to a deeper meaning for the dreamer. Gaby’s dream goes a little more in-depth and involves many dream symbols and has a few possible dream interpretations.

A dream of a singing cicada

Gaby describes her dream: “I had a dream of a cicada that sung like a bird. In my dream I remembered it brought death and/or was poisonous. It attacked my sister, then it went after me. My deceased cat kept swatting at it protecting me, but it kept coming back. The cicada touched my hand and it slightly burned.”

Gaby describes her Dream Symbols:

  • Cicadas
  • Poison
  • Cat, family pet
  • Burned hand

meaning of cicadas

What is the meaning of cicadas symbol in your dream?

I had several feelings about this particular dream. Some of them I think are relevant, and some are not. The first piece of information I found related to the cicada’s cousin, the locust. I found a source that suggested that seeing locusts in your dream points to lack of psychological nourishment, as in, your spiritual needs are going unmet Gaby – I think this is wrong for your dream – but still a clue.

Because, to hear singing in your dream symbolises the exact opposite, “emotional and spiritual fulfilment,” in fact.

You are quite clearly not happy about the cicada in your dream – you use the word “attack” and mention that your beloved pet cat is trying to protect you.

Interestingly, if you have a dream that an “enemy” is singing at you, this shows that “you need to revaluate the negativity you have towards the enemy.” Is it time to “let go of animosity” or other negative feelings you are having?

But what is this cicada and why is it attacking you?

What’s Your Sign says something quite different about this insect. “Did you know cicada’s can lay dormant for over a decade? They chose their own time to be born.”

“Cicada’s nestle themselves in the cool earth, almost as if in hibernation, feeding on the roots of trees until their internal body-clocks sound an alarm, resurrecting them from the earth.” I believe that this cicada is actually a deep, spiritual symbol for you. Understanding the meaning of cicadas could be a clue.

You dreamed that the cicada was “poisonous” and “brought death” which is very interesting, because cicadas can actually be a symbol of timing, and natural rhythms and immortality. What I think is that this dream is showing you not to be afraid of your spiritual pursuits OR that perhaps your spiritual pursuits have caused you pain in the past, and you are “once bitten, twice shy.”

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meaning of cicadas

The pain that pursuing the spiritual path can cause

Often we think of pursuing spirituality to be a calm and happy adventure, full of peace and tranquillity. Unfortunately, this is never the case all the time. When we embark on the spiritual path we are often tested. Times get tough. We doubt our faith, our path, ourselves. Think of any spiritual figure you look up to – all have suffered. This is a fact of life, and although it is not very nice, it is nothing to fear.

Gaby, I think this dream is your spiritual self singing to you, trying to get you to take notice. Cicadas are often not a symbol of immortality but rebirth, according to blogger Ricky Lee.

There is really only one guarantee in life (because not everyone pays tax) – Death. The end of your humanly life is the only guarantee you get upon birth. This is a scary concept for pretty much all of us. It is natural to fear death, because it is the unknown. The meaning of cicadas may be quite telling here.

What do birds symbolise in dreams?

Birds can symbolise our aspirations and goals – as well as our inner hopes and dreams. Something singing to you is telling you to let go of animosity. Cicadas symbolise a spiritual rebirth.

But Gaby – you are afraid.

You wish to avoid the spiritual rebirth – all you have known is that it brings pain, poison and death. You have even enlisted your sister and beloved pet cat to help you, symbols of your Earthly life – the life you know and love. You are afraid of a spiritual rebirth.

This is completely natural. It is normal and natural to fear our deeper inner spiritual selves – as they will bring a death of sorts. Death is coming for us all, and cannot be avoided.

The only way that death can truly be avoided, is to transcend death. To make peace with the parts of you that exist in other places – your higher self, your inner “treasure trove” and your guardians and guides.

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burned hand meaning of cicadas dream

What does it mean to dream of having a burned hand?

One final word of warning here. Have you been delving into spiritual pursuits that perhaps are not serving your deeper purpose? Have you been donating to a dodgy charity, or participating in séances, mediumship or other dodgy spiritual pursuits?

Dreaming of a burned hand may indicate “that you have your hands where they don’t belong. You have been participating in activities that you know are wrong or that you know will result in pain and strife for you, but you keep doing them anyway.” Does this apply at all to you? Are you doing anything in the pursuit of spirituality that you know is a “bad idea” in the long run?

Locusts can be a symbolic warning – but cicadas have a more positive, transformative quality. Anyone who has witnessed them shed their ugly brown shell to reveal a sparkling set of shimmering green wings knows that cicadas do hold secrets.

I don’t think you need to be afraid of the cicadas in your dream, Gaby. I think they are telling you to concentrate more on your deeper spiritual self, and make sure you pursue activities to support this.

Good luck in your spiritual journey, Gaby and thanks so much for sharing your dream with us.

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