By the Bay: A Pathetic Poem

I saw a lover alone near the water

The lonely woman inside my head

I kissed her blankly and she waited

for me to find myself instead


I went to see a new big city

I found myself a job up there

I walked around sad and lonely

and always hid the fact I cared


But now I find a time each day

To sit and think thoughts of you

Torturing myself with right and wrong

Thinking about what I should do


But there’s nothing left for me to save

No point in loving you any more

I wander round my lonely harbour

and cross the cold and violent shore


If only you could see me now

To see how much I’ve grown

I’m strong and tough and smart and sad

Maybe you’ve always known


One day I hope you’ll call me again

You’ll smile and make it all okay

It’s only a shallow dream, perhaps

But maybe we’ll be together one day.


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