I am really bored. What can I do? Here are 10 things to do when you’re bored

If you are anything like me, you’ll get bored a lot. Spoiled for choice my whole life like the rest of my Generation Y, I always need something to keep me occupied and find it very difficult to do nothing at all. What we used to think of as ‘entertainment’ no longer really does it for us – many of us are bored to tears with regular TV, we’ve scrolled through our feeds more times than we care to admit…

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How to take criticism well and learn from it

You’ve been excelling at your job for months or years, working hard and doing your job to the best of your ability. Then it happens – you get called into your manager’s office and he or she delivers a scathing report of your recent work. Getting criticised on the job is never fun but some people are much better at dealing with criticism than others. What’s their secret? Are they superhuman, devoid of emotion or just born with a very…

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What to wear to a job interview – 5 experts weigh in

If you have a job interview coming up, it’s important that you look your best. But what does “looking your best” really mean? Should you always plan to wear a suit, even if you feel itchy, uncomfortable and “not like yourself” when you wear one? Are there other options out there? Of course, dressing for the role you are planning on taking is imperative. Working as a retail assistant on a busy shop floor will require a different look to…

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How can I change my personality? What is the personality?

Some days we wake up feeling really awesome and some days we wake up feeling like death warmed up. I have to say that over the last few months I have been feeling really lousy – have you been feeling the same? When I feel bad I normally feel tired, emotionally drawn, I find it hard to fall asleep and difficult to wake up. I have a lower threshold for emotional pain and I often feel like simply running away….

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authenic self

How to find your authentic career self in 4 simple steps

How well do you know yourself and what really motivates you? In order to have a happy life and a long career it’s essential to know not only what makes you happy, but what makes you tick. There is a lot of advice online that says “doing what you love” is key to ultimate career success. However, many experts have now put across the opposite point of view, that doing what “makes you happy” could be a dangerous tactic as…

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What does it mean to dream of empty rooms?

Sometimes in our dreams the houses we see actually represent us and our spiritual self. Think about the position in the house as this could also be significant – a bedroom symbolises our inner self, our private self while a basement or lower room may represent our lower selves or our hidden desires. Finding new rooms in a house in your dreams I have a reoccurring dream where I find a new room in a house that I have explored…

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What do atheists believe? What will atheists do when they’re dying?

I have a problem with atheists. For a start, I think that they must be pretty shallow people who do not spend too long thinking about things. I also find them to be morally superior, often saying that religious people “believe in fairy stories” or “an invisible man in the sky” and that atheists have never been responsible for causing any pain and suffering in the world, as religious leaders have. I am not a religious person, but I love…

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The 7 most dangerous things about working in an office (and they might surprise you!)

The office – do you work in one? Over the course of our working lives we usually have to spend some time in an office – even jobs where you are not chained to a desk, often management or administration is done from a place that closely resembles a typical cubicle farm. Did you know that there are many harmful things to be found in your typical office? From stress to prolonged periods of siting down, here are 7 surprising…

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