The 8 signs of being in love: How to know when you’re truly in love

Lucky you – are you thinking that maybe you’re in love? Love is the world’s greatest gift, and it is one of the deepest benefits of being human – having the capacity to love and be loved. There have been times in my life when I have felt so far away from any love. Life can feel empty and shallow. Without love in our lives, we struggle to do the simplest things. “Man is not an island”. This expression means…

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10 quick ways to lose weight (2 kilos or 5 pounds) in 2 days

Really, I think you’re beautiful just as you are but if you need to lose some weight very quickly, I have a few tips for you. Most of these are not that healthy for you, although I maintain that you’ll be fine, so long as you do them for the recommended time only, and no longer. Also, I am not a nutritionist or a health professional, just a regular Jane like you. Also, if you have any health problems, I…

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What do rainbows symbolise?

Last week here in Sydney, Australia, we were treated to one of the most beautiful double rainbows anyone could ever see. I work right in the city, near Central Station, in a big, pink, glass tower with thousands of other worker bees. The company I work for was having a farewell party, and just as the speeches had concluded, two giant rainbows could be seen arching across the sky. So what do rainbows mean? Here, I’ll have a look at…

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Working too fast and making lots of mistakes? Here’s how to fix your life!

Do you ever feel like you are working at a million miles a minute? That you don’t have time to check things properly and take the time you should for projects? You’re not alone. The pace of modern life has gotten so quick. Many of us feel that we are expected to check our emails after work, on the weekends and even on holiday. I know I (and most of my colleagues) do. How do you know if you’re really…

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How to write a modern cover letter: 7 rules

More often than not in most industries, when applying for a job you’ll be asked to send in a cover letter. These should be tailored to each position you apply for – you shouldn’t (as a rule) send the exact same letter to each and every hiring manager. The cover letter is a place for you to sell you skills – all the things you cannot cover in your resume. It’s also a chance for you to “tell a story”…

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Things men do that turn women off: how to flirt effectively

Do you turn women off when you talk to them? Do ladies give you a wide berth? Are you trying to date people but keep striking out? Could it be your technique that’s the problem? Far too often men do things that inadvertently turn women off. Usually these things are easy enough to rectify with a few simple tweaks. Have a look at this list below and see if you’re making any of these mistakes. Being too leery Staring at…

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messy desk

Do you have a messy desk or a neat desk & which is better for getting work done?

Are you a neat person or a messy person? It’s usually the case that you fall into one of two categories. Personally, I can’t think clearly unless everything is in its place, and everything is neat an in order. I didn’t used to be like this. When I was a teenager I was quite happy to live in squalor, but as I’ve grown up I find my life simply runs more efficiently if I know where to find my car…

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5 plant-based foods you can eat to improve your skin, nails and hair

Having healthy skin, hair and nails can be a sign of inner wellness. When our immune system is run down, often our nails can become brittle, our skin can look dry, and our hair can break or even start to fall out. Keeping your stress levels under control and getting adequate sleep and exercise has been shown to improve the quality and appearance of our bodies, but did you know that there are certain natural, plant-based foods you can eat…

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