The 7 most dangerous things about working in an office (and they might surprise you!)

The office – do you work in one? Over the course of our working lives we usually have to spend some time in an office – even jobs where you are not chained to a desk, often management or administration is done from a place that closely resembles a typical cubicle farm. Did you know that there are many harmful things to be found in your typical office? From stress to prolonged periods of siting down, here are 7 surprising…

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8 things you can do to make you more attractive to the opposite sex

We all want to be appealing to the opposite sex, unless you’re gay, in which case you’re probably wanting to be more attractive to the same sex. My point is – everyone wants to impress somebody. We all know that surgery is an option, expensive clothes are littering the windows of every nearby store and your mother always has helpful tips as to how you could be living your life more efficiently – but are there some simple, easy ways…

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Alcohol and weight gain: is booze making you fat?

Do you like downing a couple of alcoholic drinks at the end of a busy work day? Is having a glass or two of wine the thing that keeps you just a few kilos or pounds short of your “comfortable weight”? There have been many studies into the relationship between alcohol and weight gain, now has put together a comprehensive infographic and web page to explain this in detail. “Alcohol affects the brain by causing vision, speech, judgment and…

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How to feel more beautiful – 10 easy ways

Look at you! You are simply stunning. I could just eat you right up! It’s OK if you are not feeling 100% – some days we all feel like that. One of my Facebook friends recently wrote a gorgeous post which inspired this blog post. She delightfully said: “I recently received a PM complaining/telling me to stop writing such frivolity as what scents I’ve used in the shower, how I smell delicious etc. All of the above is true and…

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How to achieve a work-life balance in 7 steps

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we’re now working an average of 41.1 hour per week, but of course there are hundreds of thousands of people who are working more, particularly after you add in the housework, chores, school pick up and public transport routines. According to a recent study called The Australian Work and Life Index (AWALI), participation in paid work has been increasing steadily (especially amongst women who are also investing more in their qualifications). It’s official,…

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How to remember your dreams: in 7 foolproof steps

You will be able to achieve the goal of remembering your dreams, you just need to practise. There are a few things you can do to help. I have spent many years studying dreams; my own, other people’s and also “dream theories”. No one can interpret your dreams for you, you have to do it yourself. But there are many dream symbols which are universal and can be learned and taught. But the most important thing you need to learn…

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The 7 things you do that drive your boss crazy

It’s a fact of life: we all have to work and that means, unless you are your own boss, you’re answering to someone. Hopefully your boss is a reasonable person and your colleagues are genuine and engaged. Everyone experiences what it’s like to work alongside someone who drives you crazy. Spare a minute of thought for your boss. How many people do they manage? What are their day to day tasks like? Would you want to trade places with them,…

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How to recover from a recent trauma

I’m really sorry you had to go through that – I really am. From what I know about you, you didn’t deserve it and it was probably in some way unexpected. But that’s OK – in life, these traumas are thrown at us to make us stronger and to build our characters, In this case, traumas can be positive. But traumas can also hurt us. When we go through something traumatic, it can be hard to move on, or let…

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