Dreaming of feeling stuck, travelling and dreams of blocked exits

Dreaming of feeling stuck, travelling & blocked exits

Today’s dream comes from Paris, France, from a dreamer named Amanda. Amanda has had a reoccurring dream that is common to many of us, rushing to get somewhere, feeling stuck, trying to find your way in a new place, and travelling. She has reoccurring themes of travel – of trains, planes, big buildings and pressure. Dreaming of feeling stuck is something that many dreamers have come across. Amanda describes her dream: “My dream a frequently recurring theme is where my parents (who are dead) are still alive as they were. The dreams always involve a rush to leave or catch a train, plane or to find the exit in a big building.” Amanda describes her reoccurring Dream Symbols: Planes Pressure Exits, lifts, stairs and doors Feelings of being stuck, frustration: “I never get to where I need to be in dream.” The interpretation: Thank you for getting in touch with your dream, Amanda. Often when we have reoccurring dreams, we are trying to be taught a lesson by our higher selves, or our guardians. Losing both parents would be something that…

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What does it mean to dream of bathtubs

What does it mean to dream of bathtubs?

Have you recently had a dream of bathtubs? Have you had a dream where you are washing yourself in a bath, or cleaning a bathtub? It sounds like a funny symbol, but dreams about bathtubs are really very common, as this is a household item that can be seen in many countries, for a few generations now. So, what does a dream of a bathtub really mean? Can you really tell me what my dreams mean? No – but you can. The only person who can really interpret your dreams is you – however, when you study dreams over time, you come to understand basis symbols that are common to many dreamers. Symbols are not absolute – someone who is afraid of cats, or allergic to cats may take a different meaning from seeing a dream cat than someone who loves moggies. But in general, there are common dream symbols that our higher selves and guides use to point us in the right direction and give us messages. What do bathtubs symbolise in dreams? To uncover this, I headed to…

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BMI formula

The BMI formula | Understanding BMI 10 ways

The BMI Formula is what you use to calculate your BMI. A BMI calculator assesses your body mass index and is a broad indication of whether you are at a healthy weight or not. Put simply, if your BMI is too low, you are underweight, and if it’s too high, you are overweight, obese or “morbidly obese” which puts you at risk for many health complaints, even an early death. BMI is not that difficult to understand. The BMI formula can be easily explained by delving into the 10 questions below. #1: What is BMI? BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It’s a measurement of your body density and can be (generally) used to measure if a person is too heavy or too light for their height – meaning that they may be at a health risk. Use the BMI formula to calculate your best weight, or best weight range. #2: What does BMI measure? The BMI formula measures your weight (body mass) divided by the square of your body’s height. Traditionally, this was measured in units of kilograms/meters squared…

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miso soup to lose weight

Lose weight with miso 10 ways

I love miso. Lovers of Japanese cuisine will be familiar with this thick, salty paste. There are tons of ways to eat miso and it may help you lose weight. There are many reports that miso soup causes weight loss and that there are many miso soup benefits – but what are some of the other ways you can enjoy and eat miso? If you really want to lose weight with miso, you’ll need to try a few different ways to get this awesome food into your diet. Here are 10 ways you may not have thought of. What is a basic miso soup recipe? It’s often white, black, dark brown or even red and it’s made by fermenting soybeans with salt with Aspergillus oryzae fungus. On occasion, rice, barley, or other ingredients are added. You might find a mix of soybeans, barley, rice, millet or buckwheat. According to Wikipedia, in recent times, “producers in other countries have also begun selling miso made from chickpeas, corn, azuki beans, amaranth, and quinoa.” Get fresh miso paste at your local Asian supermarket,…

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social media trends 2016

7 Social Media Trends for 2016 That All Writers Should Know About

If you’re a writer, chances are you’ll be keen to promote your online presence, whether you have a freelancing business, eBook to sell, blog or copywriting career. Social media is constantly developing and is now an essential part of everyone’s marketing mix, whether you’re a sole trader or operating in a large company. Here are 10 new social media trends for 2016 that all online writers need to know about. 1)         The shift to long-form content for blogs – making them highly crawl-able. Long-form content is an increasing trend. When you think about how Google bots work, having the ability to crawl a larger chunk of text can benefit writers from an SEO perspective, allowing for more content and relevant keywords. Long-form content can also give you more online visibility, more proof of your expertise and authority and better opportunity for likes and social shares. Long-form content will also encourage your readers to spend more time on your site, another metric that is seen favourably by Google. = 2)         Facebook carousel posts to advertise your site or blog The social…

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Should I do the 5:2 diet? Will the 5:2 diet work?

I love a crazy diet, and the 5:2 Diet seems to fit that bill. Probably more for food obsessesers than those with a balanced approach to eating, this diet is perfect for you if you like a bit of self-flagellation and are down for a quick(ish) fix. But will it help you lose weight? Is it safe? What is the 5:2 diet? It’s pretty simple, really. You eat ‘normally’ for 5 days and fast for 2 days. A ‘fast’ day is about 500 calories for women, and about 600 calories for men, ideally spread across just 1 or 2 meals that day. On the ‘normal’ days, you can supposedly eat ‘whatever you want’ but you’re told to keep within moderation and to eat consciously. You’ll be, “restricting your calorie consumption to 25% of your energy (calorie) needs. This means you’re consuming less calories – so you will lose weight,” according to the official site. Who should try the 5:2 diet? Well, the theory is anyone. Because you’re not restricting any particular kind of food, you should be OK. This would…

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How to make people think you’re sexy – 14 sure-fire tips

So, how sexy are you – really? Sexiness is something that doesn’t come naturally to some – but the good news is – there are many ways to “fake it” and convince the object of your desire that you are god’s gift to man (or woman) kind. Here, we examine what sexiness is and how you can get more in your life. We all have our “off days” and when we do, we often feel like we’re not sexy at all. What is sexiness? Sexiness is something that sits outside of you – it is a commodity that others subscribe to you, something that’s predetermined to an extent, and “out of your control”. That doesn’t mean it’s something to be afraid of – you can control others’ perceptions of you – almost as easily as you can change/update and delete information on your resume. You should be doing a “sexiness check” every six months – like fitting a bra or asking for a wage reviewed. It’s an essential part of life – like it or lump it, “As the saying…

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