The 7 best ways to follow up after a job interview

You’ve written up a great resume, applied for a bunch of jobs, landed an interview and now you’re playing the waiting game. Waiting to hear whether you’ve landed a role after a job interview can be frustrating. However, there are a few things you can do to follow up afterwards and place yourself in the best possible position to begin a new career. Alyce Vayle has spoken to the experts and has compiled this short list on how to best…

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Getting older for women: Which parts of my body will get better with age?

Getting older can be hard, especially in this day and age where everyone is so focused on youth culture. It’s like older people do not exist. That’s just stupid. Since the beginning of time, people have (rightly) looked up to their community elders – in Ancient Rome, once you reached the age of 60 you were eligible to attend the senate, and be exempt from some taxes. Not so in today’s day and age. Where I live in Australia, there…

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Learning to compromise with your spouse: the 7 essential steps

He wants the bathroom window left closed, I want it left open. He wants extra shelves in the bedroom, I want extra drawers. He likes heavy forks and knives, I like light, thin ones that bend when you try to use them. I, of course, and the one in the right, and he, of course, is the one who should learn to compromise. Yes, The Boyf and I have moved into our first home together. In fact, we’ve already been…

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How to identify your personal brand

What is a personal brand? You may have heard this term around the web for a few years now. There are even experts that will help you to nail down your personal brand, with the aim of getting you more work, better opportunities and career longevity. According to Astrid Baumgarder, a personal branding coach from the US, “A brand is your vision of who you are and what you do for your audiences.” She says that essentially, your brand is…

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How to find a better job when you have a job already

Already employed? That’s great news – but what if you’re not 100% happy in your chosen career, or you’re just working somewhere to pay the bills, while secretly hoping to fulfil your true vocation? Many experts say that it can actually be advantageous to find the job of your dreams when you are already employed. In many ways, job seeking can be a draining process and having a steady paycheque in the bank each week can help to ease the…

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Why have I been defriended on Facebook?

For the vast majority of us on Facebook, the platform can be a great place to meet new people, stay connected with old friends and keep in touch with our loved ones. Even though most of us don’t “keep count” of our Facebook friends, having them there can give us a sense of reassurance. That is – until we find ourselves “defriended”. According to recent stats, we spend an average of 21 minutes per day on Facebook and there are…

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Not all a bed of roses: the unique challenges of age-gap relationships

So what? People are saying of Stephen Fry’s 30 years age gap with his fiancée, Elliot Spencer. As someone who at one time had a preference for older blokes, I feel that I should weigh in here. It is, in fact, quite rare, to see relationships with a greater than 20 year age gap. In fact, these make up less than 2% of all marriages, according to a 2013 US Current Population Survey. Statistics in Australia and the UK are…

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21 office personalities you’ll recognise – which one are you?

Every office has its “types”. Learning about the various people you might encounter in the typical workplace will give you a hidden advantage over others when it comes to dealing with the regular Joes and Janes you’ll meet when working nine to five. Recognise any of these? The loud talker Private phone call, noisy YouTube video, overly-loud meeting or just sharing a desk with a gabber? We’ve all known someone who talks too loud in the office! Buy a pair…

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